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DESTINY 2 - Truth Guide, 3 ROUNDS! Returning Exotic Rocket Launcher

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The Truth Hurts!

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Whats up guys and gals?! Today Truth became available, it's a returning Exotic Rocket Launcher for Season of Opulence. When you log into Destiny 2 you'll get prompted to head into the Menagerie. When you do, a new boss will be up to kill. Kill the cursed Thrall and throw the bombs they drop at him to destroy his shield. When you finish the Menagerie, you'll get a Scrap of Paper. Take this to Petra in the Dreaming City. She'll give you the quest step called Hidden Between Realities. To complete this, you'll need to do the Ascendant Challenge. This challenge is located in the Bay of Drowned Sorrows. Afterwards, you'll get the quest step called A Map Asunder. To complete this, youll need to get 4 map fragments. You'll need to be Ascendant to get 3/4 of them. There is one at the entrance of the Blind Well, one to the right of the Barge on Nessus, one from an Ogre on the Tangled Shore and one from the Warden of nothing strike. Each Map Fragment will need some work to unlock. After you unlock all the Map Fragments, you'll get the quest Candy From A Baby. This will send you back into the Warden of Nothing Strke. Here, you'll have t

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