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DESTINY 2 - Wendigo GL3, New Pinnacle Grenade Launcher

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The Light! It Burns!

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What's up Guardians, Season 7 or Season of Opulence is out and with it some new Pinnacle weapons. I was grinding for the Vanguard Pinnacle weapon, Wendigo GL3. It is really worth getting, it's fun, effective and powerful!

Head over to Zavala and grab the quest A Gift For The Worthy. To complete the quest and get the Wendigo GL3, you'll need to get 1500 final blows, 500 multi kills and 100% of the progress done - all with Grenade Launchers in the Strike Playlist. Progress is accumulated by getting grenade launchers kills. Death will set you back a half of a percent, or full percent. So be care full.

Wendigo GL3 is great! It was Blinding Grenades, so anything not killed in its wake will be disorientated. It's main perk is Explosive Light. Explosive Light will accumulate up to 6 charges by collecting orbs of light. Each orb will get you one charge. These charges will stay active when you dont have the weapon in use. You can also collect them even when your super is fully charged. Pairing this with it's auto loading holster, and it makes for some deadly burst! Run around and collect orbs and heavy ammo, then unleash hell! Explosive light will increase Wendigo GL3's explosive damage by 260% and its area by about 50%

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