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DESTINY 2 - Where is Xur April 12th 2019, Invitations of the Nine

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Xur Face Reveal!

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Today April 12th 2019, Xur is located in the Tower in the back of the Hanger. He has the bounty Justice for the Invitations of the Nine. This one is pretty easy, do the Savathun's Song Strike on Titan and get 9 Fallen and Hive essences from killing them on Titan. Xur's Stock isn't amazing this week, Xurs inventory is Jade Rabbit, Lucky Pants, Dunemarchers, Starfire Protocol and his Fated Engram. I get the Apotheosis Veil. When you complete the bounty Justice, you'll get the bounty called Into the Unknown, open up the gambit directory and select Mystery and Potential for a neat dialogue with the Emissary of the Nine

Where is xur

Xur Inventory

Xur Stock

Xur March 15th 2019

Xur Bounties

Xur Lore

New Xur

Xur today

New Xur

New Destiny 2 Xur

Emissary of the Nine

Emissary of the Nine meeting

Into the Unknown

Mystery and Potential

New Lore

Chords of Meaning

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