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HAWKMOON! How To Get HawkMoon | Full Exotic Hawkmoon Quest | Hawkmoon Damage, Stats & Random Rolls!

Hawkmoon is out! Hawkmoon is a returning Exotic Hand Cannon from Destiny 1. The Exotic Hawkmoon Quest will have you collecting 5 Paracausal Feathers. These Paracausal Feathers are located across the world of Destiny. There is one Paracausal Feather on the Tangled Shore, this is the first Paracuasal Feather. One Paracausal Feather is at the Sludge on the EDZ, this is the Second Paracausal Feather. The next Paracausal Feather is in the Cosmodrone, take the fast travel to the Steps. This is the 3rd Paracausal Feather. The next Paracausal Feather, the 4th Paracausal Feather is located on the Dreaming City, near the Blind Well entrance. The last and final - 5th Paracausal Feather is on the Moon, at the Shrine of Oryx. How to get Hawkmoon, we'll there's more questing after finding the Paracausal Feathers. The quest steps of how to get Hawkmoon are pretty simple after that. There will be a new mission to go through for Hawkmoon, as well as a reprised version of the Hawkmoon Mission too. The longest part will be getting Champion or Guardian kills. I suggest doing this in the Crucible. In the video i'll be showing you how to get Hawkmoon. I'll show all the Paracausal Feather Locations. I'll go through each and ever Hawkmoon quest step and how to complete it. I'll also show you Hakwmoon base stats and Perks. I'll show you the damage of Hawkmoon and how much damage Hawkmoon will do when you proc x7 Paracausal Charges. Additionally, i'll show you all the randomly Rolled Perks we can get on our next Hawkmoon. Yes, you read that right, Hawkmoon can roll with Random Rolls! Overall, the Hawkmoon Quest wasnt difficult, but it did take a fair amount of time. Maybe 3 hours. Here are the Stats of Hawkmoon Weapon Stats Impact 78 Range 57 Stability 67 Handling 74 Reload Speed 63 Rounds Per Minute 140 Magazine 8 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 93 Inventory Size 52 Zoom 14 Recoil 96 Bounce Intensity 4 Bounce Direction Tends Vertical Here are the Exotic Perks's pf Hawkmoon Paracausal Shot Final blows and precision hits with Hawkmoon grant stacks of Paracausal Charge. The final round in the magazine deals bonus damage based on the number of stacks. Stowing Hawkmoon on the final round removes this bonus. Transformative Transformative Future drops of this weapon will have random rolls. #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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