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Heritage Is THE BEST Legendary Slug Shotgun! Recombination Adds HUGE Damage Raid Slug Shotgun Review

Heritage is a New Legendary Precision Frame Slug Shotgun. Heritage is also a Kinetic Slug Shot gun, so it's going to do +10% damage to no shielded enemies, buh bye raid bosses. How to get Heritage? Well, you'll need to complete encounters in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, or purchase a reroll from the chest after beating Taniks the Abomination. Heritage is the Raid Shotgun and is probably one of the best dps slug shotguns in Destiny 2. Heritage is the best slug shotgun because of the new perks it can roll with. Two new raid perks (Deep Stone Crypt Raid Perks), Reconstruction and Recombination. Reconstruction is going to slowly fill your magazine, additionally Reconstruction may reload your mag up to double the original value! Add on to this the incredible new pve perk called Recombination. Recombination has got to be the best burst dps perk in Destiny 2. You gain stacks of Recombination from killing enemies with your energy weapons. The damage buff from Recombination will stack up to X10 and cause the first shot of Heritage to do about 85-90% more damage! Recombination allows you to have Insane burst Damage. In the video, i'll go over the new raid perk Recombination, how to get Heritage, the stats on Heritage and different perk combinations. I'll also compare Heritage to First in, Last out an other Legendary Slug Shot gun (Heritage is much better!).And lastly, i'll give my opinion on what kind of Heritage god roll you should be looking for in both pve and pvp. Here are the base stats of Heritage Weapon Stats Impact 70 Range 71 Stability 49 Handling 73 Reload Speed 50 Rounds Per Minute 65 Magazine 6 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 68 Inventory Size 49 Zoom 12 Recoil 60 Bounce Intensity 40 Bounce Direction Tends Right Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about Heritage on Light gg Amazing boss DPS. Got a full bore, light mag, recon, snapshot. slap a boss spec on it and it does 45K dmg each shot on taniks while divinitied. recon is autoloading but better. 3 The curated roll is exactly what I want on this thing. Assault mag for the increased rate of fire, Reconstruction can get it to 12 bullets, and Recombination is the only damage increasing perk. 2 Got Fluted Barrel/Assault Mag/Reconstruction/Recombination with a Handling Masterwork. Absolutely bakes Taniks phase 2. Hot swapping with an alright First In Last Out (Corkscrew/Tactical Mag/Autoloading/Vorpal) plus Anarchy was getting me ~2.4m damage over 3 part DPS (all 4 bombs at once). 2 Recon and Recom is a very strong combo in both PVE and PVP, with 1 Recom buff in pvp it one shot body shots below 60 res at 4-5 meters. My new kenetic weapon for now. 1 Excellent shotgun, with reconstruction and recombination you'll have a pve God roll, and if you have slideshot and snap, it's the pvp God roll 1 Got a fluted assultmag reconstruction and recombination with a handling masterwork and it is AMAZING if you don't have one I highly recommend getting one, its pvp is okay but pve is where it truly shines 1 This with Reconstruction + Assault Mag + Killing Wind is the absolute best shotgun in the game. Get it. Farm it. Cherish it 1 I have Extendended, Tactical, Recostruction and Killing Wind. Great for ad clearing and dps 0 I’m absolutely in love with this weapon. I got the god roll assault mag/reconstruction/recombination and this makes it one of the most versatile special weapons in the game. Recombination stacks up to 10 extra damage shots that can be used for boss dps or general major kills. In pvp this thing does well like most slugs but I’d still stick to chappy for kinetic. -1 My personal god roll is: assault mag, auto loading, recombination. Best for boss damage and rotation with another slug shotty. -1 extended/accurized/recon/thresh is nutty asf for boss dps. I also have a max range hip-fire grip/thresh with freehand roll, sticks to heads in crucible. very good shotgun. -2 PvE: Only non-sunset legendary kenetic slug, good for quick swapping w/ an energy. First column: dual loader, auto loading, and recon are very good. Second column: Recom could be good, not really a definitive best choice. PvP: roll it with high range, autoloading/dual loading/recon and killing wind, literally just chaperone that reloads better and you can use an icarus grip. Might be one of the best shottys in the game. -12 big trash, slugs are hard #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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