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HIGH ALBEDO! New Sidearm Wellspring GOD ROLL! How To Get High Albedo. High Albedo Review

High Albedo is the New Legendary Adaptive Frame Side Arm in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt. How do you get High Albedo? Easy, you can get High Albedo by visiting Variks on Europa. Head into Varikis second page menu and select the weapon bounty for High Albedo, the quests are quick to complete and make it easy to farm High Albedo for the god roll you want. The weapon bounties for High Albedo, and I think all of them, will have to occur in the Eclipsed Zone. The eclipsed zone changes day by day and is the Deep Stone Crypt Fall out from the Raid. High Albedo can roll with amazing perk combinations and in my opinion, is one of the best side arms in Destiny 2 atm. Adaptive Frame Side Arms shot a 3 round and predictable burst. In the video, i'll show you how to get High Albedo, i'll go over High Albedo's Stats and Random Perk Rolls/ Perk Combinations. I'll discus what High Albedo PVE God Roll perks you should look for, as well as, the High Albedo God Roll Perks you should look for on High Albedo for pvp. In addition, i'll give a full review of High Albedo, as well as showcase some gameplay of High Albedo in pvp and pve too. My pve High Albedo God roll has Ambitious Assassin and Wellspring on it. My pvp god roll High Albedo has Killing Wind and High Impact Reserves! Here are the base Stats on High Albedo Weapon Stats Impact 80 Range 38 Stability 72 Handling 56 Reload Speed 37 Rounds Per Minute 491 Magazine 27 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 71 Inventory Size 47 Zoom 12 Recoil 99 Bounce Intensity 1 Bounce Direction Tends Vertical Perks Here are what fellow guardians are saying about High Albedo on Light gg idearms are in a very good spot right now for pve and pvp, and pairing this with surprise attack will be good 3 Wellspring on the best type of sidearm. 3 Surplus and Wellspring might make an interesting combo. Surplus give handling, reload speed and stability for each fully charge abilities and Wellspring allow kills to charge your ability but ability recharge is divided between all uncharged abilities. Depend on how much ability energy we can receive from Wellspring, It can be a really good feeling gun. 2 I think this has potential to be my last hope replacement, if last hope was kinetic. It can drop with wellspring which I am a huge fan of with surplus or full auto trigger for PvE. 0 Just got it alot of fun in pve and pvp my new fav sidearm 0 I can't wait for this to be in the loot pool on Europa. This thing with full auto and wellspring is gonna be nuts 0 Wellspring + Surprise Attack = Best PVE primary in the game. Think of it as Traveler's Chosen, but High Albedo is a better sidearm archetype and doesn't take up your exotic slot. Absolutely amazing and allows you to use all 3 of your abilities constantly thanks to Wellspring. 0 Got it with Surplus and Wellspring and it's pretty much my favorite PvE primary in the game right now. It's got the archetype of Last Hope but in the Kinetic slot. It's got the reload speed of Outlaw but without having to land precision kills. It's got the ability regen of Demolitionist but for all 3 abilities. Amazing no matter what kind of build you're running. -1 Out of my mind excited for this gun. Unrelenting on a sidearm is a dream come true, and it comes on a decent archetype in the kinetic slot as well. Really torn between slideways and killing wind - i think slideshot would have been a better pick for bungo here as it gives range like killing wind and would make the choice more competitive. But i guess there is no such thing as too much killing wind unrelenting in the inventory. -1 If you liked the godrolled Breachlight from season of the dawn, you like this one with Full Auto and Wellspring. Fantastic PVE weapon -2 The perks are slightly underwhelming with none of the normal reload and damage perks but the architype and it being kinetic make it a solid option. Plus full-auto and wellspring could make for a good roll in pve. -3 Lots of fun in PvE. Don't listen to people saying it's good in PvP, PvP has been broken for a while, and you can slide shotgun anybody who tries to kill you with this far faster than they can kill you, and the terrible movement in this game makes you teleport when you're punching, so they basically can't shoot at you. If they buff sidearms this will be top tier. -37 Im about to bring this in to gambit and tbag kids #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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