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How to Get Lumina Fast, The New Exotic Hand Cannon

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Illuminate them....with BULLETS!

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What's going on guys and gals. Lumina, the new exotic hand cannon is now available in Destiny 2. It's pretty unique, essentially it's the opposite of Thorn. Go figure. When you log into Destiny, you'll get a message from Shin Malphur. He tells you to go back to the same cliff side. He means the same cliff we went to in the Trostlands to start the Thorn Quest. When you get to the cliff, you'll collect a System Positioning Device to be used in A Fateful Gift quest. This chest for the quest changes every hour, I had mine in the Mist on Nessus. Yours will likely be different. The next step Bearer of Evils Past has us generating 250 orbs of light with teammates. The best place to do this is in the Blind Well. After, we get the quest Rose, Revealed. It's broken into three parts, Band Together, Face The Hordes, Defend The Light. Band Together has us completing a Nightfall with 50,000 points or more. Face The Hordes will have us get 35 Points. These points come from Blind Well, Black Armory or Escalation Protocol. Band Together has us getting multikill streaks without reloading.

The next step, Fireteam Leader, has us completing activities with Rose equipped. The more people with it equipped the more progress you'll get. The Menagerie is the best and quickest way to get it done. Next, Strength in Numbers. Strength in Numbers will have us generate 50 Orbs of Light, get Hand Cannon killing blows in the Crucible and kill an enemy invader in Gambit - before they kill one of your team mates.

The last step for Lumina is called Bloom. We have to use Rose to destroy 11 crystals in the Will of Thousands Strike. The you're done! Collect Lumina and test it out. Lumina gives you a 35% damage increase when Blessing of the Sky is active. Blessing of The Sky occurs when you shoot an ally with a Noble Round. You get Noble Round when you kill something with Lumina and collect the remnant. I expected Lumina to stack with Empowered or Well of Radiance. Unfortunately it doesnt. I think for Lumina to be viable it'll need this buff. At the end of the video, i confirm Luminas damage

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