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How To Get NIGHT TERROR! Shadowkeep Lectern Sword

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Night Terror is a new Sword in Destiny 2 Shdowkeep. You can get Night Terror when you find an Essence of Jealousy. These Essences enable you to use the Lectern of Enchantment and get Lectern Weapons with the help of Eris Morn. To complete the quest for Night Terror, you'll need to complete activities on the moon, get sword kills and find Ralnik's Hatchet. Ralnik's Hatched is located in the Traitors Ketch. Head into the Traitors Ketch and you'll have to death a powerful Fallen Captain. After, he'll drop Ralnik's Hatchet. Take Ralnik's Hatchet back to Eris Morn and the Lectern of Enchantment and you'll get Night Terror!

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