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Infinite Paths 8 | SEASON OF SWASHBUCKLER | God Rolls & Perks

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Infinite Paths 8 is a returning Light Weight Frame Pulse Rifle, you can get Infinite Paths 8 after unlocking the EDZ Obelisk. After you unlock the EDZ Obelisk, you can link it to the Sundial and acquire Infinite Paths 8 after completing the activity. Or you can rank you EDZ obelisk up to rank 3 and purchase a Timelost Weapon bounty. After completing the Timelost Weapon bounty, you be rewarded with Infinite Paths 8. Infinite Paths 8 can roll with some interesting perks, including Demolitionist, Genesis, Swashbuckler, Zen Moment and Eye of the Storm. In this video, I'll go over the different stats and perks of Infinite Paths 8 and the Infinite Paths 8 God roll .... In my opinion at least for both pve and pvp.

Heres what fellow guardians are saying about Infinite Paths 8 on Light gg

Got a roll with demolitionist and swashbuckler and damn it feels good of course not as insane as recluse at close range but still at the close medium range this weapon with the roll i have feels insanely good

I believe this weapon with grave robber and swashbuckler could be extremely good with warlocks new celestial fire ability.

And heres the Lore attached to Infinite Paths 8


They sowed the First, now reap the Last; forever narrows to a line

Where Light will fade into the past—when all's converted, nothing shines.

Source: Complete obelisk bounties and increase the Resonance Rank of obelisks across the system.


Infinite Paths 8

They sowed the First, now reap the Last; forever narrows to a line Where Light will fade into the past; when all's converted, nothing shines.

From the writings of Brother Vance:

Anyone can see the signs if they just truly look! Osiris preserve us, I am blind and I recognized the signs of his lost prophecies coming to bear!

But none of us—not even his most faithful—have seen the things Osiris has seen.

We in the Lighthouse follow a man haunted by visions of apocalypse, yet doesn't turn away. Osiris doesn't close his eyes. He doesn't even blink. He put aside his Vanguard duties, his students, his very life, to bear this curse. And why? Because it is the only way to become strong enough to save you from the enemy.

You in the City who condemned Osiris, who cast him out and cursed his name, do you not understand that the prophecies are curse enough?

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