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Interference VI | Possibly the Strongest GL In Destiny 2

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Interference VI is a returning Adaptive Frame Grenade Launcher to Destiny 2 Season of The Worthy. Interference VI was previously a New Monarch Grenade Launcher. Interference VI was added to Destiny 2 with random rolls and is a new season of the worthy weapon. Interference can only be found through legendary engrams and rank up packages. Interference VI can also roll with some great perks, making it super unique and one of the best overall grenade launchers in destiny 2. So far, the best grenade launcher in season of the worthy. The Interference VI in the video has both Grave Robber and Demolitionist, a rediculous combo that will keep Interference VI stocked with ammo. More importantly, Interference VI can roll with Swashbuckler. To my knowledge, Interference VI is the only grenade launcher that can roll with Swashbuckler. Swashbuckler will increase Interference VI damage by 33% when at a stack of x5. This damage boost, when paired with Spike Grenades makes Interference just shy of the damage Wendigo GL3 can output, but thats when comparing Wendigo GL3 with Explosive Light. Something that isnt the easiest and most consistent perk to keep up. There are really two different Interference VI god rolls, they are one with Grave Robber and Demo like I have. The other Interference God roll is probably Grave Robber/Auto loading holster and Swashbuckler.


Come between your enemies and their lives.

Source: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.

Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Interference VI on light gg

Hard launch, spikes, field prep and swashbuckler is a really unique roll and in boss fights with a lot of adds to easily proc swashbuckler it can melt.


Got mine with spikes, field prep and full court and gotta say its quite juicy, especially now when 120 rpms don't fall behind 150


i'm going to get a full court clown mag one for a total of 12 max shots iin the mag, great if you don't like reloading


Demo+Clown is ridiculous combo for dpsing, thats all ya need to know


All you need is spikes, clown cartridge, and fully court. DPS MONSTER. You peeps saying that field prep is better nah 12 rounds in a magazine is better than 4 extra shots in reserves. Just throw on a reserve mod on your chest piece.


尖刺 小丑 掌控全场 大师弹头速度就是它的gr,很牛批,可以说是这个版本的爱与死了,必备榴弹


Spike/field prep/demo

Spicy roll, not sold on it for raids yet but pretty good on strikes. Gonna hope for full court tho


I got this gun with hard launch - spike- clown cartridge - and full court as my first drop of the season.

I didnt use it much but with grenade launcher nerfs i don't think this is that good.


Spike grenades with grave robber swashbuckler, it's fun in pve, titans shoulder charge and spam grenades you'll have a great time


Of all the garbage weapons they added this season, this is the one they didn't screw up. It's a shame that it has no sticky grenades to use as mines in pvp but it does have full court and field prep/a-loading. The only bad thing for this weapon besides the lack of sticky nades is the fact that you can only get it from RNGesus or his servant, Master Rahool instead of it being a seraph weapon. Therefore it is better to try and get the Doomsday which has the same god roll but no clown.


I havent tried it, i just wanted to be the first person to review it.

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