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Invitations of the Nine! New Cutscene! Where is Xur Today? Xur March 15th 2019

#xur #xurtoday #invitationsofthenine

Today Xur is going to be offering bounties for Invitations of the Nine. Invitations of the Nine is a new event with Xur, you can do a few bounties which will lead to some powerful gear and new lore from Xur. Of course, everyone wants to know where is xur today, and what xur's inventory is, so ill be showing that before I start the Xur bounties. There is also a new cutscene with the Drifter and an Emissary of the Nine. Xur has in his inventory: Crimson, Orpheus Rig, Wormgod Caress and Chromatic Fire. Also, Xur has his Fated Engram.

Where is xur

Xur Inventory

Xur Stock

Xur March 15th 2019

Xur Bounties

Xur Lore

New Xur

Xur today

New Cutscene

New Destiny 2 Cutscene

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