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Jian 7 Rifle God Roll | The Best Trials Pulse Rifle? Firmly Planted & Rangefinder

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Jian 7 Rifle is a returning Adaptive Frame Pulse Rifle, to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy....or Destiny 2 Season 10 - however you want to call it. Anyways, Jian 7 Rifle offers some pretty unique perk and scope combinations. Jian 7 Rifle call roll with Firmly Planted and Rangefinder, and in different columns. Meaning you can have both at the same time. Add in the fact that Jian 7 Rifle has scopes and not barrel perks, which means that Jian 7 Rifle can be the most consistent headshot landing pulse rifle in Destiny 2. Jian 7 Rifle is certainly a rifle that will be able to compete in Trials of Osiris. Bygones is similar to Jian 7 Rifle in certain ways and different in others. Bygones has more base range and stability, whereas Jian 7 Rifle has more aim assist and less recoil. Both pulse rifles are adaptive frame, and both a great -0 respectfully. But each has their place. My Jian 7 Rifle God roll for pve includes Armor Piercing Rounds, Zen Moment and Rampage. Where my Jian 7 Rifle God roll for pvp is High Calibur Rounds, Firmly Planted and Rangefinder..... yes I have a bias now lol. But really, using this God Roll Jian 7 Rifle showed me whats up. It is super accurate with these two perks and the damage fall off is very light! There are a lot of great pulse rifles out there, but to my knowledge, Jian 7 Rifle is the only one that can roll with Firmly Planted and Rangefinder is different columns. It seems light Destiny 2 is making weapons more and more specific to play a certain roll. This is what they should be doing, as the more and more weapons they add with the same kind of perk combinations, the more dull the weapon pool is. It looks like the Season of the Worthy Weapons are starting to break the mold! I'll try Jian 7 Rifle in Trials of Osiris too to see how it is. It might be one of the best trials weapons in Destiny 2. We shall see. It's certainly a very very consistent pvp pulse rifle.

Jian 7 Rifle


Come, brothers and sisters! Let us make way for the new ruler!

Source: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.

Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about Jian 7 Rifle on Light gg

Nothing to write home about


Good weapon type, like it's cousins it has similar stats but it's rolls are only half of what you can get on the perdition, really more of a collector weapon than anything, would have like to have seen kill clip or multi in the 4th slot and feeding frenzy in the 3rd but full auto and range finder is okay if your lazy, my role had rampage and full auto which is okay for general use, wont be swapping out my main for it though!


It’s just a downgraded Swift Ride X8375/Last Perdition. It’s stats are about the same as the 2 aforementioned rifles but the perk combos are hot garbage (Outlaw and Rampage in the same column? With no KC?). But it can roll Swashbuckler so that’s neat.

Send it straight to the dismantle pile unless you really like Swashbuckler.

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