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Line In The Sand | SAINT-14 LINEAR FUSION RIFLE | God Roll & Perks

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Line In The Sand is a NEW Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, Destiny 2 Season 9. It's available by linking the Mars Obelisk and completing the Sundial. You can also earn Line In The Sand by completing bounties given out by the Mars Obelisk, but you have to rank the Obelisk up first. There are some new Season of Dawn Perks available on Line In The Sand, including Clown Cartridge. I'll go over each of these new perks and the potential God Roll for Line In The Sand in both PVE and PVP.

Heres what fellow Guardians are saying about Line In The Sand on Light GG

Firing line and rapid hit make it amaziing for boss dps and with the fact that it feels like using pre nerf queenbreaker makes it a beast for crucible and an amazing weapon for gambit

rapid hit, firing line, enhanced battery, boss spec has crazy damage I'm pretty sure it outclasses izanagi's

Ionized battery, rapid hit, firing line with boss spec. Can out-damage izanagi and potentially higher damage than 150 rpm spike grenade launcher.

Farm this when you can.

And Here is the Line In The Sand Lore


Line in the Sand

No farther.

"The Vex are oppressive; Minotaurs fall over themselves to get the jump on me. I've exhausted my options. I need to use the distance to my advantage. I peer out over the rock's edge—they seem to have lost me in the scuffle.

"The gentle hum begins, and I feel my weapon charging between my hands. I take out two with the first shot. Another two with the next. They scatter now, confused and irate. They seek me out desperately. All I can offer is another barrage that depletes their numbers and creates more scrap. The last two couldn't get within ten meters of me. It's a small victory, and I am alone once more.

"It helps to set boundaries."


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