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Martyr's Retribution | SAINT-14 GRENADE LAUNCHER | God Roll & Perks

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Martyr's Retribution is a totally NEW kind of Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, Destiny 2 Season 9. Martyr's Retribution is a Wave Frame Grenade Launcher. Meaning, it shoots out a wave of fire when it hits the ground. It's available by linking the Mars Obelisk and completing the Sundial. You can also earn Martyr's Retribution by completing bounties given out by the Mars Obelisk, but you have to rank the Obelisk up first. There are some new Season of Dawn Perks available on Martyr's Retribution, including Lead From Gold. I'll go over each of these new perks and the potential God Roll for Line In The Sand in both PVE and PVP.

Heres what fellow Guardians are saying about Martyr's Retribution on Light GG

great at clearing out ads, and if you're willing to spend a couple matches learning it in pvp, its super fun if you have a good follow-up smg. the wave does 130 damage from quite a distance, but you have to predict carefully or catch them off guard. play to its distance, aim carefully, and you'll get some cheesy kills.

* Learning curve applies here. You must shoot the ground not hit the target. Once you get used to it - the wave after impact is much bigger than it looks. I would love to test the Genesis + Elemental-capacitor Roll that is possible here! Possible sleeper here!

it is good at clearing ads, as many have said as well, but that is what primaries are for. it is mediocre in pvp, as you can't get direct hits with it, and any player with a brain and 2 thumbs will easily avoid dying to it. maybe a god roll with demolitionist would be good for grenade heavy builds in pve, but that's about it.

Pretty awesome GL, probably one of my favourites already mainly because of how unique it is. First thing to note is that this IS NOT built like Mountaintop where direct hits are key, this was is a wave frame that when shot directly at the floor will cause a thermite grenade effect to appear that does pretty heavy damage, really cool to shoot and fun to use. Highly recommend getting one with Field Prep and either Elemental Capacitor with Solar, Demolitionist or Lead from Gold.

Just got one with Quick Launch/Hard Launch, Auto-Loading Holster and Demolitionist with Velocity MW and I have to say that this GL is insanely fun to use, both PvE and PvP

I've been having a lot of fun with this GL, it's solid for clearing out a crowd. Still looking for auto-load/demolitionist which in my opinion seems to be the preferred roll here with something like quick access sling mod. I have yet to use it in pvp, could work but a lot of better options there I would think.

blows mountaintop out of the water, save yourself the horrendous grind and pick this up instead

Wave frame is so overlooked currently it’s disgusting. Amazing weapon

just some good old fun this weapon is

Truly not that effective in either PvP or PvE. In PvE I suppose you can damage some thrall or something. And in PvP you can do around 150 damage on an enemy who is standing still. Not sure why everyone is hyping this thing up.

Great for ad clear in pve, takes a specific playstyle but can be top tier in pvp

Since I got this I haven't used a primary in PvE, I just run 3 grenade launchers and never run out of ammo and can still deal with all situations amazingly.

point scores didn't figure out how to use it (wave frame intrinsic, shoot at the floor to make it work) it's an excellent ad clear with a big line aoe, it's not the easiest to use but it's very effective

I got lucky and got a Field Prep + Demolitionist roll with maximum velocity. It has very quickly become one of my favorite PvE weapons, next to Loaded Question. Shoot the ground in front of your targets, and try to not hit inclines or slopes.

Shots bounce right off of enemies, so you absolutely need solid ground for this thing to do any work. Pretty strict limitation in practice.

So Far I cant seem to get kills with it, maybe i need a different roll, even on direct hits it doesnt do much damage, evenso its very satisfying to shoot.

And Heres the Martyr's Retribution Lore


Martyr's Retribution

That which returns from the void will always seek revenge.

"There seems to be no end to them. No matter how many I destroy, there are always more. An infinite, ceaselessly multiplying array of circuits and fluid. New units replace their ruined predecessors, forming out of sapphire transmat clouds. They want me dead. They won't stop until I meet my demise. They persist.

"For all their vast knowledge, they seem to have one blind spot. They should know by now, I also want them dead.

"And I won't stop either."


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