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NEW Shadowkeep Launch Trailer! Sept 24th Reset & Ascendant Challenge

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Whats up guys and gals?!

Today September 24th, Bungie released a new Shadowkeep Launch Trailer. It's awesome and shows off some new Shadowkeep Exotics, some new finishing moves, new shadowkeep enemies, shadowkeep legendary weapons or more potential exotics. Check it out!

Moving onto the weekly reset, the flash point is over on Mars. Iron Banner is over, so this week has Mayhem. It might be worth stepping into Mayhem if you're trying to finish the quest for The Mountaintop, there will be a lot of heavy ammo spawning! The Nightfalls this week are The Insight Terminus, The Inverted Spire and Will of the Thousands. Over at Tess, she's selling Aeviternal XXII, Bayle's Aerodyne and the Geomag Stabilizer Ornament Electromag Stabilizers. I had to get em. Over t the Dreaming City, the mission this week is the Broken Courier. and the Ascendant Challenge is the southern tip of the strand.

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