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POSTERITY | Thanks For The Hand Cannon Ana, No I Won't Give It Back | Posterity God Roll Review

Posterity is the new Legendary Precision Frame Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt. How to get Posterity? Well it's easy, to get Posterity, you'll have to participate in or complete the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, theres no guaranteed chance for Posterity to drop from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. However, there is a chest after beating Taniks the Abomination which you can spend Spoils of Conquest on, Posterity isnt guaranteed from this either, but that chances are higher due to less loot pool. Posterity fires at 180RPM , with the changes to 140/150 rpm hand cannons and Hand Cannons in general, Posterity and other 180's are going to start making their mark again. Posterity will do 58 to the head, so you will need 4 shots to the head in the crucible to kill a guardian most times. You can however, have Posterity 3 tap if you trigger Whispers of Hedron. Posterity will jump from 58 to 72, allowing a 3 tap to the head - so Posterity can fire faster and at slightly higher damage allowing it to 3 tap. Posterity can roll with some great pve perks too including Rampage, One for All and a new Deep Stone Crypt Raid Perk called Redirection. Redirection states :Damaging rank-and-file combatants increases damage against more powerful ones. In the video, ill go over my Posterity review for both pvp and pve. I'll tell you all the base stats of Posterity, as well as, all the Perks on Posterity too. Afterwards, i'll suggest what I think you should grind for when looking at a Posterity god roll for pve and a Posterity god roll for pvp. Here are the base stats of Posterity Weapon Stats Impact 78 Range 45 Stability 64 Handling 42 Reload Speed 61 Rounds Per Minute 180 Magazine 10 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 79 Inventory Size 53 Zoom 14 Recoil 100 Bounce Intensity 0 Bounce Direction Tends Vertical Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about Posterity on Light gg Got one with FF+Redirection and holy sh*t does it melt in pve. Also one of the best sounding weapons in the game. Definitely my favourite HC for pve atm. 4 My roll is Feeding Frenzy + One for All. Holy shit this thing is amazing. my new go to primary. For pvp my roll is bad but was able to get some kills 2 Got one with Reconstruction + Extended Mag + Rampage + Range MW. With the Rampage mod in, i'm running around shredding in PVE with 35 in the mag, never having to reload. Gun looks and sounds amazing. Pair this with a Reconstruction Sniper or Shotgun and you never have to reload again. Definitely worth going for. Haven't tested in PVP. 2 I got Killing Winds, Accurized Rounds, Opening Shot with Stability MW its freaking OP!!! MUST TO GET THAT HAND CANNON!!! I am calling it Not Forgetten 2.0! 1 Amazing roll pool. I have feeding frenzy and demolitionist roll and is my favorite gun at the moment. Demo+stasis grenades is an unbelievable combo. 1 Very good for 6s multi kill clip is best for 180s because resilience messes with the 3-tap at rampage x1 but this hand cannon is a stat monster. If it had multi-kill clip it would be top tier. Seventh seraph has a more consistent lethality with multi kc 1 Got a pretty good roll with rapid hit rampage, shreds in pvp, and absolutely demolishes with a charged with light build. For a 180 rpm hand cannon its actually decent in the crucible can consistently 3 tap low-mid res guardians. and even without ramapge it feels really good in pvp, if you're a 180 enthusiast you'll love it in pve and pvp. 1 mine as surplus rampage and is a beast in pvp and pve i should also add mine has a handling masterwork but range comparable to not forgotten making it my favorite hand cannon for pvp and pve highly recommend getting your hands on one I love it and I bet you will too. 1 Got one of the better rolls for PvE content (Small bore + Tact Mag + Rapid Hit + OFA). The only reason why I'm giving it a three-star in PvP right now though is because the gun to me doesn't fit the job that other hand cannons do. However, from the tests I did run with this gun, it does seem to outclass the other 180s in its category. (IMO: Smallbore/Fluted Barrel + Accurized + Rapid Hit + Rampage with either a range or a handling masterwork would do fucking wonders for this gun) 1 Rapid hit makes this thing a laser. 1 got one with reconstruction, rampage, accurised and full bore. new favourite primary 0 Best 180 HC in the game, hands down!!! 0 It's a 180, so a little below average in PvP, but in PvE? This thing SHREDS. I have a rapid hit demolitionist roll and it is amazing. Farm for this if you can. 0 Has the highest stability of any 180 I've ever used. Unreal how easy it is to land consecutive headshots with this. 0 #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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