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PREMONITION Review! The Pit Of Heresy Pulse Rifle

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PREMONITION is a NEW Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. Premonition drops in the Shadowkeep Dungeon The Pit of Heresy, it's a random chance to drop from the encounters inside. You can increase your chance at getting Premonition and the other Shadowkeep Dungeon The Pit Of Heresy Weapons by using a Hymn Of Desecration. A Hymn of Desecration increases the chance of a weapon dropping from Necropolis or Chamber of Suffering encounter in the Pit of Heresy. You can get a Hymn of Desecration by completing Weekly Eris Morn Bounties. Premonition has some great potential and rolls. Premonition is a High Impact Frame Pulse Rifle, so it shoots a slow 4 round burst. It's also more accurate when stationary. The Premonition Perks that would make up a pvp god roll would be getting Under Pressure or Rangefinder in the third column and Kill Clip in the fourth. The pvp Premonition God Rolls for pve would be Outlaw Kill Clip, although Under Pressure and Demolitions may suit you well to if you're working on a Grenade build. The Premonition curated roll has Appended Mag, Accessorized Rounds, Firmly Planted and Kill Clip. So far, the Pit of Heresy is the one place Premonition can drop but if you happen to find it elsewhere please let us know in the comments!

Premonition God Roll

Premonition Curated Roll

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