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RED DEAD 2 ONLINE BETA - First Hour, Free Roam and Missions

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RED DEAD 2 ONLINE BETA - First Hour, Free Roam and Missions :

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Today, November the 29th I was able to log in and start [laying Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta. This is the first hour of gameplay you'll likely go through. You start off as a random man of woman of your choosing. There is a decent amount of character customization that you can test out for your own character. I made mine a bit sketchy looking with some sickly hair. Afterwards, you're on your way out of prison - you get busted out of the prison wagon and go to meet Mr. Horley. He brings you to the woman who has funded your escape - Jessica Leclerk she explains she knows you're innocent of the crimes youve been accused of. She has her own agenda and wants to seek revenge for he husbands murder. They are Mr. Jeremiah Shaw a Blackwater banker - Mr. Amos Lancing a Rancher - Mrs. Grace Lancing his wife - and Teddy Brown , Graces' Brother and an Outlaw. Jessica and Horley introduce you to Mr. Cripps or JB Cripps, a guide of some sorts.He directs you to go to the post office where the slerk - Alden - explains the other post clerks are helping Jessica out too. Afterwards, you go to your camp in the Bayou. You head to your camp and clear the outlaws there, you take a treasure map off the last remaining outlaw you let leave. When looting the chest, you get your first Ability Card, there are three to choose. I took the one which makes you and your parties damage increase while using dead eye. You also rank up to Rank 2. Ranking up further continues to unlock things in the Online play. After, you head to Clay Davis who has a quest for you. You join 3 other gunslingers and undergo the quest, which is to steal a horse and return it to the stables. After a gun fight, you and the crew steal the horses and continue to fight off other npc's trying to stop you. Eventually you make it to the stables, Clay is pleased and gifts you the horse you stole for him! You then go back to camp where Cripps is waiting for you. He explains there will now be many people offering you work, some bad and some good. You open up the menu and find a ton of different icons and quests. The online tutorial is over, time to play the real thing!


Red dead 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead 2 online

Red dead redemption 2 online


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