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RED DEAD 2 ONLINE BETA PVP and Cold Dead Hands World Event

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RED DEAD 2 ONLINE BETA PVP and Cold Dead Hands World Event:

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After going through the first hour of story and tutorial - essentially - you can start doing other missions and pvp. You can join up through the online start menu or by totems around the world. Here, I join up a quick session from a totem. I joined up on a Make It Count match at the Saint Denis Plantation. It's a 16man , free for all pvp gamemode where you only have a bow and arrow and only 1 life! I bagged a win on it :P

Next is another round of Make It Count at Tall Trees, I manage to score a head shot and then get hit from behind. Decent game mode, a lot of cover in the map.

After that, I join a Most Wanted match in Thieves Landing. Most Wanted is a free for all Deathmatch mode, your value goes up for each kill you get, so you can score some high points if you get the right guy. You also appear on the map at a certain distance. I also seal the deal on this one and take the win.

Next is the Team Deathmatch mode called Name Your Weapon, it's 16 player 4v4 teams at Fort Mercer. My team put up a good fight but couldn't take the win this time.

After leaving the pvp quick session, I immediately get an invite to join Cold Dead Hands. It's a server wide pvp mode where the point of the game is to hold onto the bag of money longest. It turned into a massive free for all with everyone killing each other. One person managed to keep the bag for most of the match by having a few allies and staying in an are with good cover. This mode is hell unless you have a big posse.


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red dead redemption 2

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Most Wanted

Make It Count

Name Your Weapon

Cold Dead Hand


Fort Mercer

Tall Trees

Thieves landing

Saint Denis Plantation

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