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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Legendary Moose - Only Bow

red dead redemption 2, legendary moose, only bow


Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Moose - Only Bow :

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Right from the get go Cougar! These god dam cougars and kill you in two attacks, so watch yourself. Arthur is almost killed by a courgar, he uses Dead Eye like a chump. The old gods are mad and Arthur has to redeem himself and hunts a Legendary Moose with just his bow and sheer will! After a few tracks are found, Arthur takes a shot at the moose - no kill - it runs and Arthur continues tracking it. It take 7 arrows in this Albino moose to finally take it down. It'll make a great rug, thank you old gods.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rdr2 Rdr2 Legendary Moose

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