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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Prison Break! Visiting Hours Chapter 6

red dead redemption 2 visiting hours


Red Dead Redemption 2 Prison Break! Visiting Hours Chapter 6 :

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Arthur heads out from camp to find Sadie Adler and Abigail organizing a small boat for Arthur and Sadie to ride over in a break John out of prison. After stealth killing a tower guard and sniping a few, Arthur take a guard hostage and walks to the prison entrance to demand the release John. He quickly makes it there and politely asks for them to release John in exchange for the hostage guard. They bring John out and Arthur pushes the guard away and a shoot out begins. There are lots of guards shooting, from up top and ground level. Arthur, Sadie and John have to find some cover - they're out gunned. The group has to feign it's retreat back to the boat. Over the bridge, guards appeared on horse back and run after the gang through the field. Careful watching for cover and enemies as it's not hard to die on this quest with the amount of bullets flying. The ground make it back to the boat, Sadie rows as fast as she can while Arthur takes shots at the guards chasing them.

After making back to shore, Arthur and John head back to the cave/camp. Dutch confronts them with Micah, unhappy Arthur took action as he 'had a plan' . Dutch is slowly losing it, can he be trusted?


Right from the get go Cougar! These god dam cougars and kill you in two attacks, so watch yourself. Arthur is almost killed by a courgar, he uses Dead Eye like a chump. The old gods are mad and Arthur has to redeem himself and hunts a Legendary Moose with just his bow and sheer will! After a few tracks are found, Arthur takes a shot at the moose - no kill - it runs and Arthur continues tracking it. It take 7 arrows in this Albino moose to finally take it down. It'll make a great rug, thank you old gods.

Arthur hits the road to see the last debtor for the quest Money Lending And Other Sins VI. On the way, he sees a man picking some tobacco. He explains its great for focus, you get regenerate your Dead Eye skill with it. Arthur finally makes his way to Mrs. Londonderry, she explains Arthur Londonderry is dead. Arthur sees she's struggling and has a son. Arthurs a good guy right? At least the way ive been playing him lol. Anyways, Arthur absolves their debt and he goes on his way. On his a group of those dang Murfree ambush Arthur. They shoot his horse and it bucks him off, Arthur hunts each one down and shoots the runaway in the back about 14 times for good measure. At camp, Arthur see Strauss for what he is - a peice of crap - he quickly kickshim out of camp and tells him to never come back.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Visiting Hours


Visiting Hours


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