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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 The Course of True Love V

Red Dead Redemption 2 The Course Of True Love V
Red Dead Redemption 2 The Course Of True Love V

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Red Dead Redemption 2 The Course Of True Love V :

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Arthur heads back to his horse and to Penelope. Upon arrival, there's a short conversation, they need to get out of town to avoid being killed by her cousins. Arthur agrees to take her to the train station in Rhodes. Penelope and Beau are going to Boston. This starts the quest The Course of True Love V . The pair start traveling to the station. Arthur is feeling a little wild and trys to jump a fence with Penelope on the back of the horse. A slight mishap and the two go flying, fail....somehow Arthur attacked Beau. O well. So back on the way to Rhodes, Arthur and Penelope make it. They find Beau, Arthur buys the tickets so as they dont look suspicious. After a moment, there is a commotion outside, it's Penelopes' cousins. They arent going to let the two go. Arthur fights the two off with his bare hands.

The train gets moving, a short conversation between the three of them later and more of Penelopes' cousisns arrive on horse back, this time with guns. Arthur head out onto an other caboose to fight them off. Eventually, the conductor gets scared, stops the train and runs away. Arthur heads inside, Penelope explains why they're so hell bent on catching them...she stole the god dam family jewels. Arthur takes the....wheel? The journey continues for a few minutes until Arthur stops and lets the two off. He arranges a coach to take them away. Penelope offers Arthur a piece of jewelry to compensate for his troubles. Arthur just cant say no.


Red Dead 2

Red Dead Redemption 2


The Course of True Love V


Arthur Morgan

Penelope Braithwait

Beau Grey

rdr2 arthur morgan

rdr2 dead eye

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