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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Tuberculosis! Is Arthur Dying?

red dead redemption 2 chapter 5 tuberculosis is arthur dying?


Red Dead Redemption 2 Tuberculosis! Is Arthur Dying?!:

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Arthur Morgan heads into Saint Denis where he finds Charles dressed up as a Japanese woman of all things. This quest starts off titled The Artist's Way IV . Arthur agrees to help Charles hop aboard a boat to the islands to get away from the city. Along the way, the pair find a few people whom Charles does not want to be seen by. They make it to the boat, where a few debt collectors are waiting for him. Arthur fights off a group of three, one of them brandishing a knife, with his bare hands. Charles gets on the boat and heads off to paradise. After escaping the police, called out by the fist fight

This clip immediately follows. After walking around for a minute and fetching Arthurs' horse near a Saint Denis police officer. After getting it, he makes his way around the city for a moment when he starts to feel a little ill. It quickly gets worse, suddenly Arthur falls from his horse. He sees red. A bystander makes his way over to see if Arthur is alright. He wont help you up, or lean on him....but at least he walks you towards the doctors office. When Arthur arrives, it's not good. The doctor knows that he has tuberculosis. A lung disease. It's speculate how he could of come down with it, however, most think it was from a pool old farmer - down on his luck and sick during a side mission. Arthur may eventually die from this disease, it's a matter of time.

After the doctors office, Arthur is thinking back on his life and the things he's done. He sees a deer, maybe the same one from his other visions. He follows the deer....but it's gone


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