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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Walkthrough The Artist's Way IV Chapter 5

red dead redemption 2 chapter 5 the artists way

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Red Dead Redemption 2, Chapter 5, The Artists Way :

Previously.... Arthur arrives back on American soil to start the quest Dear Uncle Tacitus. In this quest, Arthur makes his way back to the abandoned plantation house where he and the gag were living before. Nothing or no one is there, except the evidence that they left quickly and a letter on the table. The letter dictates well wishes for Uncle Tacitus on his vacation - presumably Arthur Morgan - the letter includes details on where the gang might of moved onto. Arthur takes these directions and starts head out into the swamps when the pinkertons arrive. Arthur stealth kills a few inside until he eventually makes his way outside, where a gun fight occurs. Afterwards, Arthur makes his way to the swamp where he eventually finds everyone back and happy that him and the others are alive. After a short conversation, the pinkertons arrive. But how'd they know they were there? After a great gun fight, which includes Sadie Adler going full blood rage as usual and even a machine gun wagon.

In this clip, Arthur Morgan heads into Saint Denis where he finds Charles dressed up as a japanese woman of all things. This quest starts off titled The Artist's Way IV . Arthur agrees to help Charles hop aboard a boat to the islands to get away from the city. Along the way, the pair find a few people whom Charles does not want to be seen by. They make it to the boat, where a few debt collectors are waiting for him. Arthur fights off a group of three, one of them brandishing a knife, with his bare hands. Charles gets on the boat and heads off to paradise. After escaping the police, called out by the fist fight.....ARTHUR GETS TB! Freakin tuberculosis. Arthurs inevitable death awaits.

Quest - Artist's Way IV

Rdr2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay. Sadie Adler, Arthur Morgan, Dutch

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