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RED DEAD REDEMPTION Chapter 6 Side Quests

red dead redemption 2 chapter 6 side quests


Red Dead Redemption 2 Chapter 6 Side Quests:

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When Arthur returns to camp, the mood is sour. Dutch seems to be slipping a bit, caught up in his mind and scheming something. He instructs Arthur to go to Roanoke Creek with Charles to find a new place to hide out. The two converse along the way to some canoes about Arthurs time in Guarma. The pair make their way up the river and find the spot. After a moment, Charles sees some of the Murfree boys. They kill them in silence and continue on to find a cave hide out. After a few stealth kills, the two are scene and it turns into a gun fight with the Murfrees. They're made quick work of. Arthur then finds a young girl in a cage, beaten and used. Arthur and Charles split up, Arthur brings the girl back to her home. Grateful to Arthur, he leaves her and returns to camp. A fight quickly ensures while talking to Dutch. Molly O'shea returns drunk as F claiming she was the one who ratted them out to the pinkertons. Betrayal. Without warning, Susan Grimshaw takes a shotgun and kills her. This ends chapter 5 and transitions Arthur into chapter 6

In this let's play, Arthur starts in the new camp...or cave? Anyways, Strauss is nearby for a quest. Talking to him starts Money Lending And Other Sins VI , an other two debtors. The first is near Fort Wallace, J John Weathers. Second, in Annesburg Arthur Londonberry. Arthur leaves camp and heads to a side quest to the north before the debtors. Upon arriving, Arthur finds a grieving widow - Miss Charlotte Balfour. Her husband has died and she's at the movement unable to provide for herself. Arthur helps her out and teaches her how to hunt. The pair catch a rabbit. While walking back, wolves attack and Arthur saves the day. Charlotte is very grateful and invites Arthur to return sometime in the future.

Arthur heads into the town of Annesberg and finds Edith Downes. Edith is the widow of the man who gave Arthur tuberculosis. After Arthur saw her in Saint Denis, she has ended up becoming a prostitute to make ends meet. She tells Arthur her son is being harassed at the local mine. Arthur makes his way to the mine to find her son being harassed. Arthur trys to defuse the situation, however, it leads to a fist fight. Of course, Arthur makes quick work of the foreman. He offers Ediths' son some money and tells them to leave town. Arthur leaves town, on the way to find a debtor. On the road, he hears a man crying in pain. He approaches the tent....its an ambush. A few Murfree boys try to stick him up. Dead eye, dead guys. Back to the road to find the debtors.

Eventually Arthur find J John Weathers, he's at the side of the road with a broken down wagon. A quick conversation and Arthur find himself under fire. John is an army deserter, they've come to kill him for it. Arthur makes short work of the gunslingers but Johns wagon catches fire. It's done for. Things dont look good for John, Arthur is mad, but a native woman comes out - clearly pregnant with Johns child. Arthur takes pity on them and absolves his debt. What a good guy. Back on the road to the second debtor, Arthur finds the veteran Hamish Sinclair on the ground. His horse has bucked him off and he wants you to find it. You agree and find the horse, quickly deal with it and bring it back. Hamish invites you to his cabin sometime in the future. You may return.

Arthur continues to the second debtor but is ambushed on the trail! A quick use of Dead Eye and they're done. Dam Dead Eye is OP. Arthur makes it back to the mine where Arthur Londonberry is suppose to be. The foreman says hes not there. Arthur leaves to find Ediths son in need. He says she is out prostituting with a shady client. It starts the quest Do Not Seek Absolution. Arthur tracks Edith to the forest where the creep is with her. Arthur intimidates the guy and he leaves, Arthur brings her back. A conversation later, the two end up reluctantly accepting money from Arthur to pay his debt for killing their father and husband....not directly but im sure Arthur didnt help. Doing this quest gives a lot of good moral back and you achieve the trophy extreme personality


Money Lending And Other Sins VI

The Veteran

Rdr2 Red Dead Redemption 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay. Arthur Morgan, J John Weathers, Arthur Londonderry

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