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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Walkthrough Chapter 5 A Kind of Benevolent Despot

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Later into Red Dead Redemption 2, specifically into the 5th chapter, Arthur Morgan ends up on the island of Guarma - near Cuba. Originally separated from Dutch and his companions, Arthur painfully makes his way along the coast until he finds his friends. After becoming , the group eventually ends up in chains - being walked to a Guarma prison. The gang finds themselves under fire by resistance militia fighters to break a few prisoners out.

This Clip is for A Kind Of Benevolent Despot in Chapter 5 of Red Dead Redemption 2. After finding dutch at a nearby waterfall, Arthur and Dutch have a local guide - an old Guarma woman - guide them through a cave network underneath the prison that Javier is being held in. After making their way to the underground entrance to the prison, the old woman asks for her payment. She gets it.....and then Dutch decides shes got to die. OK, whats one more right?

Inside the prison, Javier is being held and beaten by the guards. Its up to Dutch and Arthur to get him out. The pair sneak around the prison, stealth killing guards until they come across a sugar refinery. Being an expert chemist, Dutch says they can use it to cause an explosion and distraction to get Javier out. After the refinery explodes, Dutch and Arthur set Javier free and start fighting for their lives. There are a lot of enemies to deal with at this part, I wasn't expecting nearly as many and died because of it. Prepare yourself for a quick, but intense gunfight getting out of the prison until you make your way through some fields and into a raven where Arthur puts up a fight until Dutch and Javier have time to escape.

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