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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Walkthrough Savagery Unleashed RDR2 Chapter 5 Story Walkthrough

Rdr2 Red dead 2 red dead redemption 2 chapter 5 savagery unleashed

Later into Red Dead Redemption 2, specifically into the 5th chapter, Arthur Morgan ends up on the island of Guarma - near Cuba. Originally separated from Dutch and his companions, Arthur painfully makes his way along the coast until he finds his friends. After becoming , the group eventually ends up in chains - being walked to a Guarma prison. The gang finds themselves under fire by resistance militia fighters to break a few prisoners out.

This video starts off at Chapter 5's home base. Arthur Morgan makes his way through the jungle of Guarma until he comes across a dead - hanging body. Then...he's knocked. A rude waking occurs, the back hand of a Hispanic interrogator to start the quest Savagery Unleashed.

After waking up to the back hand of his interrogator, Arthur Morgan quickly escapes by rocking his chair back and forth until he falls onto its side and breaks. Quickly, the interrogator reacts and tries to kill Arthur - but we know a mere mortal is not match for Arthur Morgan. Baptiste, a one-armed Caribbean native gives you a rifle and Arthur follows Leon (a fellow captive) to release the remaining prisoners. At first, Arthur and Leon stealth their way though the compound ruins taking our guards as they must. Eventually a full gun fight ensues, climaxing into Arthur Morgan shooting the remaining prisoners down while they're being hanged. A close call for sure.

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