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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Walkthough Hell Hath No Fury Chapter 5 Rdr2

rdr2 red dead 2 red dead redemption 2 chapter 5 hell hath no fury

In this Clip, Arthur Morgan undergoes the quest Hell Hath No Fury. At this point, Arthur has saved some of Guarma's own prisoners and Javier from certain death. Dutch and Arthur return to the safety of an old castle....or at least it seems safe until the Cuba army shows up. The entire gang, including Arthur, Javier, Dutch, Bill and Baptiste all join in to fight them off. One of the best gun fights in Red Dead Redemption 2 takes so far at least. The encounter starts with Arthur Morgan shooting a few of the Cuba Armys soldiers from up high, with a sniper rifle. After a few horrible attempts at using Dead Eye, Arthur starts to push forward a cannon to use against the approaching Army Battleship. A rush of Cuban soldiers start to enter the castle, Arthur and the gang head down to the beach to clear them off. The ship is relentless, shelling its own soldiers. Friendly fire, whatever. After dealing with oncoming small arms from the Cuban Army, approaching small row boats and shelling from the ship - Arthur makes his way back up the castle to use the cannon against the ship. After a few shots are traded between Arthur and the battleship, it's eventually sunk. Things aren't over yet as Arthur still has to take out Fussar.

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