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SEKIRO - Father Vs Son, How to Beat The Owl Boss Fight

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Samurai Dark Souls Go!

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In this Clip, Sekiro faces off against his Father, The Owl. The Owl is Sekiros' foster father and trained him as a Shinobi since he was a young boy. Sekrios' father wants him to betray Kuro, I choose to stay loyal to Kuro and break the Iron Code. The Owl has a lot of combos and prosthetic tools similar to Sekiro. In particular, he has a shrunken, firecracker, smoke bomb and poison cloud. To beat the Owl, you'll have to use a lot of counter attacks, deflect and parry The Owls combos and dodge where needed. Find opportunities after deflecting to get a hit or two in. Don't be overly aggressive, its better to counter and look for opportunities. The Owl will also use a small, slow moving grenade that will stop you from healing. If you die and resurrect, the healing debuff will go away. A major attack you will want to avoid is his firecracker, you'll know its coming when you see the Owl throw gunpowered, when you see this immediately back step out of the way. There will be a massive explosion that will take a huge chunk of your health if it hits you. When you see the flames, run back in a counter attack. Continue to deflect, parry and counter until eventually....the student becomes the master.

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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you are the “one-armed wolf”, a disgraced and disfigured warrior rescued from the brink of death. Bound to protect a young lord who is the descendant of an ancient bloodline, you become the target of many vicious enemies, including the dangerous Ashina clan. When the young lord is captured, nothing will stop you on a perilous quest to regain your honor, not even death itself.

Explore late 1500s Sengoku Japan, a brutal period of constant life and death conflict, as you come face to face with larger than life foes in a dark and twisted world. Unleash an arsenal of deadly prosthetic tools and powerful ninja abilities while you blend stealth, vertical traversal, and visceral head to head combat in a bloody confrontation.

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