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SEKIRO - True Corrupted Monk Boss Fight, How To Beat The Corrupted Monk

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Samurai Dark Souls Go!

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In this Clip, I'll show you how to beat the True Corrupted Monk. The True Corrupted Monk uses the same attack patterns and combos that the Illusion Corrupted Monk does, so be sure to deflect and counter everything you can. His posture meter will fill very fast in comparison to the last fight with him, but he also has 3 health bars. One of them you can take out with a silent deathblow. Right when you take the True Corrupted Monk's first health bar down, he'll disapprear temporarily and a shadow form of the Courrpted Monk will appear. This shadow version isnt killable and does a ton of damage if it hits you. The second the Corrupted Monk's first health bar is gone, grapple up to the tallest tree, you'll be out of range of the Courrpted Monk and you'll notice him reappear near the center of the bridge, stay up top and lock on to him. Jump off and towards him, youll be able to take out 1 full health bar. After his second health bar is gone, the True Corrupted Monk shows his true colors and one of those centipedes emerges from him. His attacks come a bit more aggressive than his first phase, so be careful. In general its the same expect he can now spit acid, getting hit by this acid will apply Terror, so stay away from it. Keep up the same strategy as before and eventually you'll take him out. Sekiro is awarded with Memory: True Monk, we can increase our attack power with it. Also, the Dragon's Talley Board, this will increase the value of the stock sold at merchants.

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Dragon's Talley Board

Corrupted Monk

Corrupted Monk Boss Fight

How to Beat The Corrupted Monk

Hot To Beat the True Corrupted Monk

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In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you are the “one-armed wolf”, a disgraced and disfigured warrior rescued from the brink of death. Bound to protect a young lord who is the descendant of an ancient bloodline, you become the target of many vicious enemies, including the dangerous Ashina clan. When the young lord is captured, nothing will stop you on a perilous quest to regain your honor, not even death itself.

Explore late 1500s Sengoku Japan, a brutal period of constant life and death conflict, as you come face to face with larger than life foes in a dark and twisted world. Unleash an arsenal of deadly prosthetic tools and powerful ninja abilities while you blend stealth, vertical traversal, and visceral head to head combat in a bloody confrontation.

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