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Seraph Tower & Warmind Bunker Guide | How To Get Seraph Weapons

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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy is out and about now, and with it a new seasonal activity called the Seraph Tower. The Seraph Tower is a new public event and for now is only on the EDZ. From the Warmind Bunker on the EDZ, you can purchase bunker upgrades with Warmind Bits. Purchasing a bunker upgrade will give you a Warmind chipset, 1 to 4 depending on the level of upgrade. You will need 7 Warmind Chipset to upgrade the bunker. When you've upgraded the edz bunker and edz armory to level 3, you can purchase repeatable seraph bounty. You'll also need a few encrypted warmind bits. You can get an Encrypted Warmind Bit by doing daily Warmind bounties. With the Encrypted Warmind Bit, you'll also be able to open up the second chest at the end of the Seraph Tower event. This chest only appears when fully completing the Seraph Tower activity. There is a good chance you'll get a season of the worthy mod from the chest. You can pair the season of the worthy mods with Seraph Weapons, like the Seventh Seraph Carbine to produce Warmind cell. A Warmind Cell will interact with you and your party differently depending on what season of the worthy mods you are using. I was using Burning Cells. Burning Cells cause the Warmind Cell to explode with a massive aoe when damaged enough. It is very helpful and can clear a room. You can also summon a Heavy Frame to help you during the Seraph Tower event, the Heavy Frame is powerful, but has a short lifespan. You'll need to purchase the bunker upgrade in order to summon the Heavy Frame. Keep grinding the Seraph Tower and doing dailies while upgrading the cost reduction to be efficient. The Seventh Seraph Carbine is a repeatable seraph bounty, so make sure you do the daily bunker bounties for Encrypted Warmind Bits to purchase the bounty.

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