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Seventh Seraph SAW | ONLY LMG With FIRING LINE | Can It Do High DPS?

The Seventh Seraph SAW is the newest Seraph Weapon in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. You can get a Seventh Seraph SAW by upgrading your Warmind Bunkers to Rank 3. All Warmind Bunkers must be rank 3 before you can purchase a Seraph Bounty and earn a Seventh Seraph SAW. The Seventh Seraph SAW is a High Impact Light Machine Gun, meaning it is more stable when stationary. The Seventh Seraph Saw will pair very well with Warmind Mod builds as it will produce Warmind Cells. A lot of these Warmind Mods are Broken and really powerful, so make sure you utilize them. The Seventh Seraph SAW is the ONLY Light machine gun that can roll with Vorpal Weapon or Firing Line. Firing Line is a Top tier damage perk and will give you a +25% damage boost when near 2 or more fireteam members. Even with Firing line, the Seventh Seraph SAW DPS only made it to about 9100. That was with my roll or mulligan and clown cartridge, including time for reloading. Firing all 240 shots then multiplying by 1.25 for firing line. When compared to Line in The Sand, Seventh Seraph SAW is blown away by it's DPS. Line in the Sand can Reach about 17k DPS with rapid hit and over 21k DPS with Firing Line. So obviously the Line in the Sand DPS is a lot better for single target damage. But I dont think bungie build the Seventh Seraph SAW as a boss DPS weapon. It is much more suited to killing trash, majors or a champion here and there with a team then blowing a whole in a Raid Boss. In the video, ill go over how to get the Seventh Seraph SAW. The Seventh Seraph SAW stats and perks, as well as, my opinion on what to look for in a Seventh Seraph SAW God Roll for both pve and pvp. Seventh Seraph SAW SEVENTH SERAPH SAW Chained away long ago; its jaws too eager in times of peace. Complete Seraph Bounty ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference.... Here's What Fellow Guardians Are saying about the Seventh Seraph SAW on Light gg If you're going for PVE then AVOID VORPAL WEAPON. Vorpal weapon provides 15% buff while Firing Line provides 23%. Extended Mag + Field Prep + Firing Line = Machine Gun capable of DPS. For PVP, Vorpal is the obvious choice with high-caliber rounds and zen moment. It might rival Fixed Odds when it comes to high impact frames. 0 I assume it probably be one of the best choice for PVE Arrowhead brake + Appended mag + Auto-loading holster + Firing line For example, at the DPS phase for The Sanctified Mind, at first using this and change to Izanagi and one shot and changed again to this again. Other phase, field prep could be better in stead of auto-loading holster. 0 i got polygonal/flared mag/clown cartridge/vorpal/reload MW. backup mag mod on. with clown cartridge - i have seen up to 83 in a mag. also have a graverobber/firing line. Firing Line - pre made fireteams. Vorpal - solo just running strikes/lost sectors/gambit, etc. 0 There's a time and place to have vorpal perk in your weapon and this is not one of them, but this is (currently) the only LMG that can roll with Firing line. It has some synergistic trait with other weapons. If you want more ammo go with Appended (Extended is fine but reloading sucks) Mag + Clown Cartridge/field-prep + Firing Line. But If you want some flow in your dps go with Appended (Extended) Mag + Auto-loading Holster + Firing line. -1 A HMG with Vorpal and Field Prep? This might actually see some Damage Phase love. Dig it!#destiny #destiny2 #shadowkeep

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