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Steelfeather Repeater | SAINT-14 AUTO RIFLE | God Roll & Perks

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Steelfeather Repeater is a NEW Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, Destiny 2 Season 9. It's available by linking the Tangled Shore Obelisk and completing the Sundial. You can also earn the Steelfeather Repeater by completing bounties given out by the Tangled Shore Obelisk, but you have to rank the Obelisk up first. There are some new Season of Dawn Perks available on Steelfeather Repeater, including Vorpal Weapon, Elemental Capacitor and Osmosis. I'll go over each of these new perks and the potential God Roll for Steelfeather Repeater in both PVE and PVP.

Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about it on Light GG.

I got really lucky and rolled a multikill clip and feeding frenzy on my first roll of the season. The weapon feels and sounds really good, plus it has a really nice and clean sight. Unfortunately, submachine guns shoot a lot faster and deal more damage per round. I hope auto rifles get a buff soon.

My roll was Polygonal Rifling, Ricochet Rounds, Firmly Planted, and Vorpal Weapon, I recommend this auto rifle in anyone pvp set up as it ignored super resistance and allows you to easily kill titans through their ults, and most of the time the titan won't be able to get close enough to hurt you let alone kill you.

I was lucky enough to get a feeding frenzy and multikill clip roll on my first try and I tried it out in pve. It is really nice to use and sounds great but in pvp it just cant compete. Especially in this special weapon meta. This gun also gets out ranged by pulses easily. Please buff auto rifles bungie.

Only used this in PVE so far, rolled with Hammer-Forged Rifling, Appended Mag, Firmly Planted and Vorpal Weapon. An odd combo but it works well and with a 55 round magazine you can just dump rounds into the enemy with the precision of a Trace rifle.

This thing can de-throne Recluse easily.

Subsistence + Swashbuckler and you have a mindless spray machine without the need for reloading

FF + MKC/Swash and you have what is basically a recluse but auto rifle

Not to mention that since it's an auto rifle it has more range

Highly recommend this for anybody that doesn't have a recluse yet or is tired of using it.

Managed to pull a decent one on second bounty. Small bore, light mag, grave robber and vorpal with range master work. Working pretty good sofar.

Got it with feeding frenzy and swashbuckler, pretty good for pve

I'm enjoying a lot this weapon, I think I got a very good roll:

Arrowhead Brake/Chambered Compensator

High Caliber Rounds/Ricochet Rounds

Firmly Planted


Only missing feeding frenzy instead of firmly planted to be a god roll.

From what I can tell, feeding frenzy + damage perk is a pretty rare combination on an automatic weapon. Perhaps for good reason; the perk combo makes for near-brainless add clear. Get one.

Vorpal weapon let's this thing do respectable damage to big bois as well.

Heres the Weapon Lore Attached to Steelfeather Repeater


Steelfeather Repeater

There is strength in delicate things.

"I feel the recoil of the weapon and loosen my grip. The more I fight it, the more it fights me.

"I choose to let it lead.

"It finds the milky cores and bursts them with a satisfying combustion, radiolarian fluid glinting in the light. It guides me as I support it.

"We work in tandem, a brilliant dance of destruction, leaving nothing but ruin in our wake. Nothing can stop this union."


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