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THE GUIDING SIGHT | All Eyes On The Scout Rifle Meta | The Guiding Sight God Roll Review

The Guiding Sight is the New Legendary Aggressive Frame Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt. How to get The Guiding Sight? Well, you can find The Guiding Sight randomly when completing Iron Banner matches or turning in Iron Banner Tokens. There isn't a direct farm method for The Guiding Sight, so a The Guiding Sight God Roll is going to be kind of hard to come by. That being said, The Guiding Sight is an overall awesome Aggressive Frame Scout Rifle and plays right into the Scout Rifle meta that is currently in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. In The Guiding Sight Review, i'll showcase The Guiding Sight in the Crucible, specifically in Iron Banner. I'll go over The Guiding Sights base stats and all the Random Perks we can get on The Guiding Sight. Afterwards, i'll discuss what I think The Guiding sight pve God Roll is, as well as, The Guiding Sight pvp God Roll. A few great combinations on the Guiding Sight is Rapid Hit and One For All for a Pve God Roll The Guiding Sight. And for a PVP God Roll of The guiding Sight, I suggest Rapid Hit and Iron Grip or Zen Moment. Here are the Base stats of The Guiding Sight Weapon Stats Impact 67 Range 68 Stability 32 Handling 34 Reload Speed 42 Rounds Per Minute 150 Magazine 13 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 30 Inventory Size 40 Zoom 21 Recoil 75 Bounce Intensity 25 Bounce Direction Tends Vertical Here's What fellow Guardians are saying about The Guiding Sight on Light gg I just got a roll with rapid hit and one for all. This thing is dirty. You count in the recent scout rifle buffs and you get a cross the map 2-tapping machine once OFA is procd. 0 AMAZING scout for PVE, best perks by a LONG shot. Rapid Hit / Surplus are superb perk options for both stability and reload, while One For All or Vorpal will give you a serious damage boost. IMO would take One For All in every case because I don't generally shoot majors or bosses with primaries. Plus, it has access to short zoom scopes for those closer range fights. This completely outclasses Talons Of The Eagle PVE wise. 0 rapid hit and zen moment/ iron gaze would allow for crispy 3 taps rifle scope, apr, quickdraw, vorpal -1 Scouts are reasonably good now. This beats The Scholar with perks like Rapid Hit, Vorpal Weapon, One For All, and Surplus. Really good. -5 This weapon isnt available yet, but on paper it looks like its outclassed by other options. For PvP, Quickdraw is a must have. However, The Scholar (Trials Scout) also has Quickdraw and has better second perk options. For PvE, Vorpal weapon might be nice to do some extra damage when staggering Overload Champions. However, I feel like Talons of the Eagle (other Iron Banner Scout) with Rampage willl be better overall in PvE. -10 just a scholar wannabe. just saying -10 I really want to try Hitmark IS, Ricochet Rounds, Hip-fire Grip and Iron Gaze with a handling or stability masterwork to see how it handles. One-for-All is a workhorse in PvE on other weapons and would work well with Triple Tap or Ambitious Assassin #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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