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THE STEADY HAND | The 2 TAP Beast! Iron Banner Hand Cannon | The Steady Hand God Roll Review

The Steady Hand is the New Legendary Aggressive Frame Hand Cannon. How to get The Steady Hand? Well, you'll have to participate in and complete Iron Banner Matches. Farming a God Roll of The Steady Hand isn't easy, as there's no direct way to influence it dropping or what rolls on The Steady Hand you can get. The only way I know of to get The Steady Hand is randomly after a Iron Banner match, or by turning in Iron Banner tokens/completing Iron Banner Bounties. There are a ton of pinnacle drops available from playing in the Iro Banner, so you may just find a God Roll The Steady Hand just by playing in the Iron Banner while getting Pinnacles. The Steady Hand has major 2 Tap potential. The Steady Hand damage to the head in the Crucible is 92, so 2 head shots is only 184. However, if we have almost any damage boosting perk/skill active you will 2 tap with The Steady Hand. You can 2 tap with The Steady Hand when using Charges of Light and High Energy Fire. You can 2 tap when having a damage boost from Whispers of Hedron. You can 2 tap with The Steady Hand from being in an empowering rift. To top it all off, The Steady Hand can roll with Swashbuckler in the 4th column! I believe you will be able to two tap a guardian in the crucible with just 1 stack of Swashbuckler on The Steady Hand. However, you may need 2 stacks of Swashbuckler to do so. I haven't found The Steady Hand with Swasbuckler yet, so i'm basing that off just the math. Regardless, The Steady Hand is an awesome PVP Hand Cannon and should not be slept on just because it's aggressive frame. Give it a shot, I bet you'll love to feel and range that The Steady Hand has. In the Video, i'll go over my opinion of The Steady Hand and give you a The Steady Hand review to the best of my ability and current rolls. I'll go over The Steady Hand base stats and The Steady Hand Randomly Rolled Perk combinations. Afterwards, i'll tell you what I think you should look for in The Steady Hand for both a pve and a PVP god roll. Here are the base stats of The Steady Hand Weapon Stats Impact 92 Range 64 Stability 32 Handling 28 Reload Speed 28 Rounds Per Minute 120 Magazine 8 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 65 Inventory Size 40 Zoom 14 Recoil 85 Bounce Intensity 15 Bounce Direction Tends Vertical Here's what fellow Guardians are saing about The Steady Hand on Light gg As a console player, Stability is a must for me on HC. With the right perks, this thing can hit 82 stability which is kinda nuts (Steadyhand, Ricochet, Iron Grip, Stability MW) PvP I will be looking for Steadyhand and Ricochet wither either Killing Wind/Iron Grip or Zen Moment/Swash PvE will be Outlaw + Wellspring/Swash 2 A workhorse gun that will do great but lose out to meta options when push comes to shove Killing Wind + Swashbuckler for typical damage boost followups Quickdraw + Snapshot for quickswap cleanups Moving Target + Wellspring for ability builds (ashen wake anyone?) Max range with mag/sight options and pair with passive reload (dodge reload/ transversives/inertia override) to get around awful reload 1 Not a bad perk pool but like the iron banner scout rifle wish it had explosive payload 1 Something people are overlooking is that this thing can get the infinite ammo roll of AP rounds and mulligun. Personally I want a Truesight, AP rounds, QuickDraw, mulligun. With a stability or range masterwork. For PvP. 1 An absolute monster in PvP, especially if you dont have a rampage true prophecy. Mine has quickdraw Swashbuckler 76 range, a stability masterwork, and it shoots like a dream. Two taps are in your future if you can get it, especially if you get high cal rounds, you'll have a great dueling weapon. 1 Perk pool ain't bad, but I just wish they made a new gun model 0 First roll I got was ricochet rounds, outlaw, swashbuckler with a range MW. Guess I dont need to farm for this weapon. the low rounds per mag makes you require a backup mag mod but god is this gun fun. 0 Guys, please dont sleep on Iron Grip for this weapon for console. Quickdraw + Iron Grip, stability MW and extended mag make this an absolute dream to use. Extended mag you ask? Well Iron Grip drops the reload to minimum, so extended mag can be used for that free bunp up to 11 in the mag. Try it! 0 Killing Wind Wellspring looking decent for competative 0 I can't wait to get steadyhand-riochet-zen and iron gaze just so i can get 70 or more stability on console controller. 120 rpm are my favorites in both pve and pvp 0 Look for outlaw and wellspring for a new PVE staple, will require testing but if swash is strong enough to get a 2 tap on 1 stack also a very good pvp gun 0 Killing Wind and Iron Gaze looking kinda cute on this ngl #destiny#destiny2#beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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