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Timeline's Vertex God Roll Review | SHIELD SLAPPER | Future War Cult Fusion Rifle

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Timeline's Vertex is a returning Adaptive Frame Fusion Rifle to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. Timeline's Vertex is a Future War Cult Fusion Rifle and has returned to us with new, random rolls. You can get Timeline's Vertex by finding legendary engrams or by opening up faction rank packages. Timeline's Vertex can roll with some pretty great pve perks. Most notably, Timeline's Vertex can roll with both Disruption Break and Sheild Disorient at the same time. That combination is amazing when fighting against enemies with solar shields, you'll be able to disorient enemies when breaking the shield....and on top of that, disruption break will apply a 50% buff to kinetic damage! There is huge synchrony in these perks with Timeline's Vertex. The roll with Disruption Break and Sheild Disorient is actually my pve Timeline's Vertex god roll. In pvp, Timeline's Vertex can also roll with some good perks, including back up plan, firmly planted and elemental capacitor. For my pvp Timeline's Vertex god roll, I chose Firmly planted and Elemental Capacitor. These two perks will aid stability a ton and help make sure that every bolt is landing on a guardian.

Timelines' Vertex


"I give you this, to be sure that we meet again." —Lakshmi-2

Source: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.

Here's what fellow Guardians are saying about Timeline's Vertext on Light gg

PvE: accelerated coils / Lead from gold / demolitionist

PvP: Projection fuse / Firmly planted / snapshot

the PvE roll lets it be used more as a mass add clear weapon since you gain more ammo with LfG and generate nades with Demo

In PvP it acts like Erentil Lite


The new erentil, the range on this is insane. Rustopholis will agree, best fusion in the game. Tight fusion spread, superior range, tracks targets.


Pretty Reliable fusion rifle, demolitionist is a solid perk to have alongside lead to gold for PvP. in terms of PvE, its just as good as your average fusion rifle


Lead from gold/demolitionist for Vanguard and Firmly planted/backup plan for crucible

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