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True Prophecy God Roll Review | OVERFLOW & RAMPAGE | Future War Cult Hand Cannon

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True Prophecy is a returning Hand Cannon to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. True Prophecy was formerly a Future War Cult Hand Cannon, but True Prophecy is now available as an open-world drop from Legendary Engrams or Rank Up Packages. True Prophecy is a 110 RPM hand cannon and has a base mag size of 9. There are some decent pvp perks on True Prophecy but being a 110 RPM hand cannon....and well, thats just not the meta - I dont see True Prophecy being an amazing PVP Hand Cannon. For PVE, True Prophecy offers a lot more. Some great pve combinations on True Prophecy would be Overflow and Rampage. Overflow will refill True Prophecy larger than its base mage when picking up special or heavy ammo. Combine that easy, instant reload with rampage and you have yourself a powerful hand cannon that will rip through trash in one headshot becoming more powerful with each kill and hardly ever needing to reload. If you did want to bring True Prophecy into PVP, a combination I would suggest would be Rangefinder and Explosive Payload. Rangefinder is going to help reduce your damage fall off and also help you get those headshots. Explosive payload will flinch your opponent more than normal bullets and the explosive component has no damage fall off. In this video, i'll go over both the god roll for True Prophecy in pve and the true prophecy pvp god roll.

True Prophecy


"Some claim to know the future better than we do. Listen carefully. Then ask yourself: do their words ring true or false?" —Lakshmi-2

Source: Open Legendary engrams and earn faction rank-up packages.

Here's what fellow guardians are saying about True Prophecy on Light gg

Can’t wait to get one of these with Overflow and really any of the second column perks, mostly Rampage or Demolitionist. Sounds like a dream combination for PvE and might actually make me put down my Rapid Hit Rampage Duke, but we will see when I get one. For PvP Rangefinder and Timed Payload or Explosive Payload is an amazing roll, I’d probably go with Drop Mag over Accurized for better reload but I personally love Drop Mag.


Good hand cannon overall, no major things jump out at first, but the gun model is nice and slim and easier to see targets through the recoil, would say 110 hand cannons aren't meta but this is an ace in a deck of cards for anyone who can deal with this type of weapon, I personally love it on console for clean ups


Very well could be great. Drop Mag + Field Prep, or Appended Mag + Overflow and Rampage or Explosive Payload might be the play. This doesn't have Outlaw so that *kinda* kills it for me, considering it's a 110 and those usually have very poor reload speeds


I got one with opening shot and times payload today, it is awesome. I paired with ophidian aspects and small arms loader on my warlock for super fast reloads and I was mowing stuff down. Easy 1 shot to the body for all regular enemies. Haven't even added a mod to the gun itself yet.


Whoops, actually it would be 12 seconds. Dumb math error. Still damn good for an HC.


With a magazine perk or mod, I believe this gun will go to 11 rounds. Pair that with Overflow (which I believe to be a first on hand cannons) and whatever strikes your fancy in the last column (timed/explosive payload for me), and you have a 110 with 22+ rounds, which takes over 40 seconds to unload, firing continuously. So yeah.


I managed to get one of these with Overflow and Explosive Payload. If you can proc Overflow with the right mag perks (mine has Appended Mag), then this thing's got over 20 bullets that you can just spray away with. I can barely put the gun down, and that's saying something considering I'm not really fond of 110s. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying it!

True Prophecy God Roll Review

Overflow & Rampage

Best pve Handcannon

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