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APOSTATE is a New Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Sniper Rifle. Apostate is a Rapid Frame Sniper that we can get from completing the Alter of Sorrow or Pit of Heresy, Pit of Heresy is the new Shadowkeep Dungeon. It's interesting and has the potential to do some great damage if it rolls with multikill clip. Thats right, mulitkill clip on a sniper rifle. Apostate will do 50% more damage when Multikill Clip X3 is active and thats a lot. I'll make Apostate more powerful than most Adaptive Frame Snipers without Firing Line. Apostate can also roll with Shield Disorient, that will cause anything you break and Arc Shield with the explode with disorient effect. It really helps to open up targets to attack and might save your butt! Combine Shield disorient and multikill clip and Apostate might end up being the best sniper rifle in shadowkeep. In the video, ill go over Apostate stats Apostate rolls, the Apostate Curated roll and the potential god rolls for Apostate. I'm not a big fan of sniper rifles, but rapid frame feel also more fluid than I expected. 

Apostate Rolls
Apostate Stats
Apostate God Roll
Apostate Curated Roll
Apostate Review

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