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Python is a new Aggressive Frame Shotgun in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. Python is the season of dawn ritual gambit weapon. It's also an energy weapon with avoid element. There are some great perks on Python, it has Overflow and Feeding Frenzy in the 3rd column and One Two Punch or Disruption Break in the 4th column. Overflow is a very rare perk, and to my knowledge Python is the only shotgun that has it. Python starts with a magazine of 5, but if overflow becomes active it increases the magazine to 10! A 100% increase! When you combine overflow and the new season of dawn mod Heavy Handed, Python is OP. Heavy Handed, when the second perk is activated will grant you ammo for a shotgun on a kill - but you have to be surrounded. Not difficult to become surrounded with a shotgun. You can in theory have infinite shotgun ammo! Heavy handed is an amazing perk, but it does take 7 energy to use. Because of this, overflow beats out Feeding Frenzy in my opinion. Disruption Break is a great perk on a shotgun, when you destroy a void shield with Python, the Disruption Break effect will disorient your target and the close by enemies. Using Python and Disruption Break can really help you stay alive and apply great crowd control. Python also has One Two Punch. One Two Punch will increase your melee damage when you hit an enemy with every pellet from Python. Unfortunately it does not stack with Solar Plexus, so if you're using a solar melee build that uses Solar Plexus make sure you're using Disruption Break. Python is not too difficult to get, simply complete the quest Get Closer. You'll need to get 500 final blows with a shotgun, 150 close range final blows and get your infamy rank to 'heroic'. I suggest using Lord of Wolves, because...... it's Lord of Wolves. In the video i'll go over pretty much everything about Python including its base stats and perks, my opinion on Python and if you should get it too! 

Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Python on Light GG

This shit kinda cute ngl, throw backup mag on it and it's base mag is 6, then with overflow it's 13, shit got a drum mag on it. Kinda lookin' fresh ngl, I love using it for 12P DPS. Used it in PVP and it was fun just not very good compared to other shotguns.

Very strong in PvE, would recommend major spec or a backup mag for the extra two shots with overflow active. I use this on my titan build in combination with Monte Carlo and Doomfang Pauldron, its an absolutely perfect pairing with incredible synergy.

Bungie may have removed pinnacle weapons in favor of ritual weapons, but this shotgun is pinnacle tier. Can hold atleast 11 rounds in the mag with overflow active. Aggressive frame + one two punch. This thing is nasty. Probably the best pve shotgun in the game and its not even close. The gambit requirements are not difficult at all and can be achieved in a few hours even without win streaks for the heroic infamy requirement.

best pve shotty hands down, 13 in the mag with backup mag. and has high impact basically beats out any rapid fire one 2 punch shotty because of it. 10/10 would farm again. not too bad in pvp either since you don't need to reload, kinda bad range wise but great for cleanups.

Behold, the PvE Mindbender's. Bow down.

Amazing shield blasting capabilities in PvE and a very reliable spread and recoil for PvP

This shit f*ckin SLAPS. Over 10 rounds in the mag with overflow active, one-two punch, what else do you want?

Pinnacle Shotgun?! Pog, we're going to Gambit bois. What you say? It has One-Two Punch? 😳 grind on comrades

Feels like trash in crucible. This is a Pve weapon only

And here's the Lore attached to Python

Legendary / Energy / Shotgun
"If they let you get that close, they deserve it." —The Drifter

"If they let you get that close, they deserve it." —The Drifter

"Trust is a hell of a thing. Some people think they can earn it. Others think they can buy it. But that's the thing about trust: It's not real. You can't hold it, squeeze it, or put it in your pocket. It's intangible.

"You have to believe in it. I don't know about you, but I don't care much for fairy tales. I like real things that I can feel.

"This isn't to say I haven't used trust before. To get close. Close enough to use something real, that I can hold, squeeze, and tear 'em down to pocket size with.

"Up to you what you do with trust. We all have choices to make."

—The Drifter

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Heavy Handed Destiny 2
Heavy Handed unlimited ammo
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