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Salvager's Salvo is the new Ritual Grenade Launcher now available in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen. How to get Salvager's Salvo? Well, to start the quest, head to banshee in the Tower, he'll give you the quest Messy Business. Messy Business will have you getting grenade kills, and/or grenade launcher kills to gain progress. As well as, strike completions, crucible or gambit. The fastest way to get Salvager's Salvo is most likely Hero Nightfalls at power level 1270. Hero Nightfall ordeals will give you 4-5% and only take about 10-13mins. Salvager's Salvo is a Legendary Breach Grenade Launcher, meaning there is only 1 round in the mag, however with ambitious assassin this will go to two shots. Combine ambitious assassin with Chain Reaction and you've got yourself the best Legendary Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2. There is also a lot of versatility, because you can also slot Salvager's Salvo with Demolitionist or Vorpal weapon too. In PVP, the crucible, Salvager's Salvo operated very similar to other breach Grenade Launchers. I was curious is Salvager's Salvo could 1 shot a super, as much as i tried, I failed to confirm this. Weapon Stats Stability 33 Handling 73 Reload Speed 73 Velocity 73 Blast Radius 55 Rounds Per Minute 90 Magazine 1 Hidden Stats Aim Assistance 70 Inventory Size 70 Zoom 13 Recoil 75 Bounce Intensity 25 Bounce Direction Tends Vertical LORE Salvager's Salvo The only way out is through. // VanNet—SECURE-04 // FOTC_INVESTIGATOR_LOGBOOK_01.7733// V.Maier // Häkke armory got hit same time as the Tower disturbance. Forensics suggests that three Psions used a kinetic splitter to get through the security barrier and matter displacement anchors to make the concrete wall permeable. Can't get a straight answer on what Häkke was storing here. Salvage, not manufactures. Looks like ship parts, but I can't tell from what vessel. No one is giving me clearance to do a full analysis; have to sign it over to the Warlock Vanguard. // VanNet—SECURE-04 // FOTC_INVESTIGATOR_LOGBOOK_01.7734 // V.Maier // Found a piece of hardware from the Häkke heist at a chop shop in Peregrine District. Busted the ring up and brought the salvage in. Same make and material as what Häkke was holding on to; Psions must have abandoned it when they were fleeing. Reported it to the Tower, but they're so busy, it could be days before they give a formal response. Meanwhile, I'm handing it over to Engineering to see what they make of it. Looks familiar, but I can't place it. // VanNet—SECURE-04 // FOTC_INVESTIGATOR_LOGBOOK_01.7737 // V.Maier // Had to scrub a few logs. Following up on Engineering's findings. Got myself a day pass out of the City, took a jumpship to the edge of the EDZ. Listened to Vivaldi on the way, helped clear my head. If this turns out to be what I think it is, it could shift the balance of power completely. // VanNet—SECURE-04 // FOTC_INVESTIGATOR_LOGBOOK_01.7738 // V.Maier // Confirmed. This is unbelievable. Need to get in touch with Lakshmi about this. // VanNet—SECURE-00 // VANGUARD_PERMANENT_RECORD_73.10159 // I.Rey // A City investigator in the Future War Cult's pocket doesn't do us any favors. We picked up Investigator Maier at the City-level security checkpoint and impounded his ship. Of course, Lakshmi is feigning ignorance to all of this, and we don't have enough evidence to dig deeper. Not openly, anyway. My Hidden have secured the remains of the Cage that Häkke managed to scoop up after the Red War. But the damage is already done, and it just confirms my fears. Caiatl's people are researching the technology Ghaul used to shackle the Traveler and steal the Light. Word of this cannot reach the Lightless. Here's what your fellow Guardians are saying about Salvager's Salvo on Light gg as a breechloader grenade launcher lover, i got this weapon first thing this season, and god damn it doesnt disappoint. aoe potential, boss damage, grenade recharge, explosive glory. get this gun asap 4 grenade launcher shoots twice and the explosions make more explosions, I mean what more can you ask for? 3 Just grinded comp all of my day one for this and I'm not disappointed. would rate 5 stars if it were kinetic 1 It would be better if it were kinetic, but at least it has Chain reaction, really good for PvE -1 This baby has it all. Add clear, boss damage, grenade recharging, more than one in the mag after a kill? Might actually make me out down Fighting Lion... -5 #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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