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DESTINY 2 - Meyrin's Vison Secret Crest, Le Monarque and Hidden Nordic Runes

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Whats up guys, the second encounter of The Scourge Of The Past is called Escape! In the Black Armory raid, instead of a jumping puzzle, there's a sparrow race....essentially. Ill show you how to get to it, beat it and hit all the switches. If you hit all the switches, a door will open on the left side of the track, at the very end. Go through this path as quick as possible and climb your way up until you reach the top. At the top, there is a small cave, head into the cave to find the secret chest! 

The first button is below the very first ramp section.. just follow the bottom track.

The second and third buttons are split by a high route and a low route towards the start of the encounter.

The 4th and 5th buttons are split by left and right segments of the track.

6th and 7th are up on ledges either side after a large ramp, here it's easier to jump off your sparrow

The 8th button is found on a ledge to the right after another large jump 

Once all 8 buttons are 'triggered' (turn green and beep') a message will pop up saying "a door opens, somewhere..." head to the end of the encounter and the large grate on the left will now be open. Continue all the way along the 'track' until you find a cave in a broken wall. The chest spawns inside.

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