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DESTINY 2 - Scourge Of The Past, Easy First Encounter

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Hey guys! The Scourge Of The Past has been live for a little while now. Although not a lot of guardians have fully completed it, more and more beat the full thing as their light level goes up. The raid has a recommended light level of 640, however you can beat the first two encounters below that easily. 

When you enter the Scourge Of The Past, you'll notice its an extention of the City. Lots of buildings and alleyways line the streets. To start the encounter, go to the center of the city. You'll find a Berserker. Before you deal with him, you have to orientate yourself with the general area and map which will appear when you start the encounter. The way our group organized yourself was like this: Schnell building is point 1/north, the spawn area is east/2, the domes are 3/south and antennas are 4/west, the center is 5.

To start the encounter, you have to charge the map. The charges come from the Berserkers. To kill a Berserker, bait it to use its shield disorient ability. This will expose 2 weak points on it. Destroy these points on his chest and back quickly, then you can kill him. When the first Berserker dies, he will drop 1 orb. Use this orb to power up the map. On the map, guardians will be colored yellow, deposit stations green and Berserkers are Red. Your group should split into two groups. One group of 2 and one group of 4. The team of two are the map guide and support. 

The map works as such: A specific Berserker will be identified by a bright  red dot above it on the map. The map guide will direct the team of 4 to the Berserker. The team kills the Berserker and picks up the orbs one at a time. The map guide will direct each orb bearer to their specific direction. A certain amount of dots will appear above a guardians head with an orb, they then match the dots above their heads to their appropriate deposit station. 

The guardians on the ground will have to swap who picks up the orbs as after depositing one, you will receive a debuff called ionized. This will prevent you from picking up an other one for 2 minutes. Keep rinse and repeating this until success!

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