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DESTINY 2 -Scourge-Of-The-Past, Insurrec

DESTINY 2 - Scourge Of The Past, Insurrection Prime Phase 2, Final Boss

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Split in to three teams; map reader, first Berserker team, second berserker.
Kill the initial Berserker and map readers pick up Radiant Battery to power the map and activate Insurrection Prime.
Map reader calls out first location of Berserker for the first team.
First Berserker team head to the enemy to kill it while remaining players destroy the 6 shield generators on Insurrection Prime.
One member of the first team picks up a radiant battery and receives a node callout from map reader, followed by second battery pick up and second call out.
First team places batteries while the map reader communicates location of second Berserker for the next team.
Next team kills the second berserker while map reader and remaining guardians kill snipers on top of buildings.
One member of the second team picks up a radiant battery and receives a node callout from map reader, followed by second battery pick up and second call out.
All players, bar the final player to deposit the battery converge on map room.
The final player to deposit a battery summons a tank and drives to ensure the face of Insurrection Prime is facing the other players before shooting the boss.
Players start initial damage phase until Insurrection Prime releases an emp with a buff/debuff to all players.
Players quickly move away from red tethers and towards players with matching buffs for further damage until a second emp is released.
Players rearrange based on buffs after their second emp phase and continue to do damage.
Insurrection Prime's shield starts to regenerate and the first Berserker spawns on the map for the first team again.
Repeat the Berserker process until a further tank is spawned and the initiate the damage phase again until Insurrection Prime is defeated. (This can be done a total of four times until the encounter fails)
Destiny 2 Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge Part Two strategy
As you complete the previous encounter, a chest will spawn where you originally entered the arena and signify that you are about to start the next phase. The room in which you collect your loot is the map zone, you'll need to remember this for later.

Before you event consider starting the encounter, you'll need to organise teams and get a feel for the map. There will be three teams in total and their goals will be a mix of all the skills gained throughout the previous encounters.

All of these teams should familiarise themselves with the layout of the encounter and the numbering of the tank pads. The tank pad opposite the map room at the other end of the map is One, the pad to the right is two, and the final pad to the left is three.

The first team will be the map readers. This team is typically formed of one full time map reader and a floating guardian that will offer support wherever it is needed throughout the map, including killing frequently spawning enemies.

The second and third team will be formed of two guardians each and their predominant responsibilities will be to hunt down Berserkers on the map and collect their radiant batteries to deposit in the tank terminals, similar to the previous encounter.

There is an additional role for the guardian in team two who picks up the final radiant battery to enter a tank and shoot Insurrection Prime to initiate the boss phase, but this responsibility can be shared if communicated well.

Regardless of what team you are in, all guardians will need to clear any enemies in their vicinity and shoot Insurrection Prime's weak spots to lower his shield. If there are any weak spots remaining when you spawn your tank, you will not be able to enter the damage phase.

Insurrection Prime's weak spots are indicated by six light blue tanks covering Insurrection Prime's chassis; a weak point on each knee cap, two on the back, one on the right should, and one under the left arm.

There are also additional red tanks that are attached to Insurrection Prime's weapons, dealing damage to these points will interrupt Insurrection Prime while they attack. So, if you aren't actively pursuing a Berserker to acquire radiant batteries or reading the map, you should try and take out at least one of these points.

Now that the formalities are out the way, it's time to start the encounter. To do this, your team need to kill the first Berserker. The Berserker can be found directly outside the map room and will be taken down in the same fashion as the first encounter by baiting him..........

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