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DESTINY 2 - Season Of The Drifter, New A

DESTINY 2 - Season Of The Drifter, New Armour Sets and Set Bonus, Thorn!

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You weren't fooling anyone "Drifter"
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What's up guys?! Today Bungie Release a ViDoc on some new upcoming Season 6, Season of the Drifter info. They revealed the new Gambit mode, Gambit Prime. The mode after Gambit Prime, Reckoning. Gambit Prime is a one round and much more intense version of Gambit. They have made some changes to the mechanics and Prime Evil encounter at the end. There are now Gear sets coming to Season 6! Thats f'in right, real Armour Sets. They are, Reaper - designed to kill. Collector - self explanatory. Sentry - tactile. Invader - for PVP. There will be two new Pinacle Weapons. The Crucible Pinnacle weapon is a sub machine gun and for the Vanguard, a scout rifle. A new Event to destiny called Revelry, a spring event. Invitations of the Nine, coming March 15th. Thorn will be available starting March 12th. There will be an exotic quest to get Thorn the Exotic Hand Cannon. Not elaborated on, there will also be an event called Arc Week. Lastly, there will be an Allegiance Quest, which will have us choosing a side.


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