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Destiny 2 recently went into Season 10, Season of the Worthy and with it there is a new kind of weapon to grind for. Seraph Weapons. Seraph Weapons are found and earned through leveling the Warmind Bunkers and completing the repeatable seraph frame bounty. You'll need to get your Warmind Bunker to Rank 3 before you can purchase the bounty. To get it to rank 3, you'll need to farm Warmind Bits. Warmind Bits drop after a Seraph Tower Event, Legendary Lost Sector or crucible/strikes/gambit if you have upgraded your EDZ Warmind Bunker. You'll also need Encrypted Warmind Bits to purchase the Seventh Seraph Carbine Bounty. 

 The Seventh Seraph Carbine God roll for Pve for me - is Arrowhead Break, Ricochet Rounds, Threat Detector and Rampage. For pvp, a Seventh Seraph Carbine God Roll would be Arrowhead Break, High Calibur Rounds, Threat Detector and Moving Target.

The Seventh Seraph Carbine is a Seraph Weapon. Seraph Weapons can produce Warmind Cells. Warmind Cells have a chance on generating on a kill, only while a Season of the Worthy Mod is equipped. The Season of the Worthy Mod I was using in the video was Burning Cells. Burning Cells will cause the Warmind Cell to explode if shot a few times. 

The old workhorse, still with many years to give.
Complete Seraph Bounty

Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Seventh Seraph Carbine on Light GG 

'Great' Auto Rifle with good damage and a solid 450 RPM which means hitting crit zones is reasonably easy.
The one I got after a couple tries dropped with Slideshot and Rampage and since Slideshot appears to be it's only reload perk, it drops quite a bit in score.
I have probably over-rated it in PvP but I believe it can do good if you can manage to hit the head.
If you can get a roll with a decently high innate reload speed you can ignore the overall lack of reload perks. Pair with rampage for maximum fun. I have Fourth Times the Charm and Rampage on my roll, so I specced towards stability, and can reliably stretch the relatively small magazine quite a ways, since it shoots slow enough for you to hit the crit zone.
Have played with it for a bout 2 hours and love the way the weapon functions for its archetype. Mine came with Hipfire grip and Vorpal weapon. Not bad, the sights with its target highlighting is OP and the way it looks from the hip is just really aesthetically nice. Can't wait to get a good roll to keep for good though. Along with only killing 100 fallen to obtain? Easy Peasy.
Decent auto-rifle, got it with rangefinder and underdog, along with a stability masterwork. Preformed well in World PvE, and did an ok job in Strikes. PvP was it's weak spot, though it could be better with a different roll.

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