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Symmetry is a new Exotic Scout rifle to Destiny 2 Season of Dawn. If you have the season pass, you can get Symmetry right away at lvl 1. However if you dont, you'll have to grind a bit. Symmetry is an awesome scout rifle, it fires full auto and is arc element. Symmetry has the intrinsic perk Revolution. Revolution states This weapon fires full auto. Hold reload to swap to Arc Seeker mode. Arc Seekers track toward enemies you target. Symmetry also has the perk Dynamic Charge. Dynamic Charge states Precision hits build up Dynamic Charge. Swapping to Arc Seeker mode increases damage and partially reloads the magazine based on the number of charges. When you get Symmetry, go talk to Banshee, he'll give you the quest for the Symmetry Catalyst called Symmetry Remastered. It is really worth the grind to get the Symmetry Catalyst, you can get x4 boost to the progress for the Symmetry Catalyst quest by leveling up your Destiny 2 Season of Dawn Season Pass. The perk Dynamic Charge will go up to x15 charges without the Symmetry Catalyst. You'll be able to buff your arc seeker by 550%! But with the Symmetry Catalyst, you can get up to x20 Dynamic Charge and boost Symmetry damage by 700%! Symmetry's damage is insane at this point and can easily kill yellow bars without effort. However, with class buffs and damage perks, you can bring Symmetry's Damage up to 910% if you used a titan bubble damage buff. This is just crazy for a primary ammo exotic. Symmetry and the Symmetry Catalyst are well worth your effort. Make sure you get the Symmetry Catalyst before Season of Dawn ends!

Heres what fellow guardians are saying about Symmetry on Light gg

As a regular scout the thing handles really well. revolution x15 is the highest you can stack in pve or pvp. revolution x7 will two body any guardian in the crucible. stack to x15 in pve to have the ability to shred any major rank enemy.

This thing is crazy. In PvE once you have Revolution x15 it shreds everything. In Gambit it is basically the Jotunn of primary weapons. And I don't even want to talk about Crucible.

Sadly it no longer has unstopable rounds so you cant get that amazing combo of using Tenderizer with it. Catalyst adds 5 more stacks to it for 20 stacks and brings it up a extra 30% from 15 stacks. It's still good in PVE/PVP/Gambit though. Just sad they took away unstopable.

It's really good with the hidden Unstoppable and the 15x stacks that can 2 tap anybody in crucible (although you only need like 7)

Maybe I'm crazy but I haven't seen anything about this gun having an Unstoppable capability but it seems to have it in its Arc Seeker form. I love this gun.

Rule of the thumb: you don't want to use scout rifle for anything because they suck. The normal player can't stack up the buffs in PvP and you have no advantage over any long range weapon. In PvE even the Riskrunner is 100% better than this thing could ever dream of.



And Heres the Lore Attached to Symmetry

"Duality is not a curse, but a gift." —Author unknown

"Duality is not a curse, but a gift." —Author unknown

"The road ahead is unknown, but time tells us many things. The moments that become past in turn become blueprints for the future. In this space, there is no right or wrong.

"We find a contemporaneous merging of what is known and what is unknown here. Somewhere between the knowns and unknowns lies the real. The tangible.

"There is a weight to it; a feeling that tells you what you hold is true.

"But what if the truth hasn't been told? What if the truth is a lie?

"New paths present themselves. Blueprints change. We walk the line of truth every day.

"But now, the line that holds the gentle balance has been crossed.

"The truth is, this won't be the last time."

—Excerpt from the Symmetry pamphlet, "A Place Between"

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