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The Pit of Heresy is the NEW Dungeon in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. It's a lot of fun, better then the shattered throne IMO. There isn't a lengthy quest to get in, just a short one from Erin Morn having us kill 20 Nightmares at the Alter of Sorrow in Sorrow Harbor and opening a Tier 3 or higher chest from the activity. After we can go into The Pit Of Heresy. You continue to work your way down the Destiny 2 Dungeon until you reach Zulmak the main boss. There are a few small puzzles along the way, which i'll show you in the video. They mostly revolve around using Hive Swords and Depositing Void Orbs. Anyways use this video as a Pit Of Heresy Guide and you'll do fine. I would love to see more stuff like this in Shadowkeep. the new Shadowkeep Dungeon is a great addition. I'll be running this dungeon and killing Zulmak, the Instrument of Torment a lot!

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