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The Summoner is a returning Trials of Osiris Weapon to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. It can only be acquired by winning a particular number of Trials of Osiris matches on one Trials Boon.  After you get The Summoner once, it will be added to the loot pool of possible Trials of Osiris rewards when you hand in trials token to saint-14. The Summon is an Adaptive Frame Auto Rifle, these adaptive frame auto rifles are the meta this season. With tons of buffs to auto rifle damage, as well as, season mods that benefit auto rifles greatly - it's never been a better time to be a fan of auto rifles. The Summoner does not disappoint in the adaptive frame category, however, you will have to compete with Hard light and Suros Regime for a top spot. Although those two auto rifles are they will edge The Summoner out in a lot of places. What the Summoner does offer is a great consistent auto rifle with tons of handling and amazing perk combos when rolled properly. 

In the video, I'll go over all The Summoner Stats, The Summoner Perks, as well as the combinations you should be looking for on The Summoner for a pve and pvp god roll. In this The Summoner Review, I explain why I chose the pve god roll for The Summoner as Arrowhead Break, Extended Mag, Overflow and Ramage. As well as my pvp god roll of The Summoner being Arrowhead Break, High Calibur Rounds, Zen Moment and Rangefinder. I'll additionally compare The Summoner to Hard light. Hard light is great, but I'll show you the difference between the two when firing. The Summoner can also roll with a new and exclusive perk called Celerity. Celerity is a trials of Osiris weapon-specific perk and con only be found on those Trials Weapons. Overall, The Summoner may be the best Legendary Auto Rifles In Destiny 2


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Here's what your fellow guardians are saying about The Summoner on Light gg

Got mine, accuratized zen moment rampage. Hit a few bullets and it becomes a tracer rifle. Might even say that zen moment is the #1 perk for first slot
600rpm, fresh new Auto Rifle meta, great perk combos like Overflow +Rampage/Dragonfly/Rangefinder, what more could you want in an Auto Rifle? Let's not forget this thing has come straight out of D1 so it also has that House of Wolves nostalgia to it.
5/5 for PvP due to the meta, great stats and perks and then a 4/5 for PvE because it has amazing perks ans stats but Auto's still need help from Bungie in PvE I feel. Overall it's looking solid!
(Ps4 Review) Got it with smallbore / armor piercing rounds / moving target / rampage and handling MW (not the best) and this AR is a monster. The recoil is barely noticeable and feels really great. The rampage spec gives me just what I need to reaplace the range I should have with a better barrel / loader. Hope to get it with better range stats and with range MW so, for now, it works really good. Go for it and please, once it's done, put your Hardlight in your chest FOR-EVER !
Very consistent within its range with a super comfortable scope that does not block many sights. This gun is very decent in PVP and can actually roll with some good PvE perks.
I got a underdog and dragonfly one. Not the best roll but it feels really good. Like a mini hardlight. Hopefully gets better roll but love it.
This has the same rpm as gnawing hunger at 600 rpm.
rampage, zen, ricochet or rampage, overflow, ricochet is godly. not sure what the negative review is about.
Arrowhead brake, High-caliber rounds, moving target, celerity, MW reload speed, and Counterbalance mod as well. I love this gun for pvp. The only downside i have to it is I would rather have had a stability MW over reload, but you can't get everything you want. Its alright for PvE, not my go to though.
Got this looking for a god rolled astral
Extended barrel, light mag, dynamic sway reduction, and range finder. Gonna be honest DSR is under appreciated, if you get one with it in my opinion you have the god roll. Moving target doesn’t compare to basically making bloom on this weapon non existent.
its really good if you get zen/elemental and you use void. its feels like there is no recoil.
Has the best TTK for an auto in PvP and has a great set of perks for consistancy. Not sure why this is being hated on so much. Haven't you heard? Autos are in this season ;)
This is a clone of the curated gnawing hunger which is really goo

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