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Thermal Erosion is the New Legendary Rapid Fire Frame Machine Gun in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. You can get Thermal Erosion by completing the Beyond Light Story/Campaign as well as completing Empire Hunts on Europa. Thermal Erosion is a Solar LMG and is one of the few new Rapid Fire Machine guns or machine guns in general available this season, in destiny 2 season of the hunt. In the Video, i'll go over how to get Thermal Erosion, the stats and perks of Thermal Erosion. As well as, what I think you should look for in a Thermal Erosion god roll in both pve and pvp. Here's what fellow guardians are saying about Thermal Erosion on Light gg Don't sleep on this one, feels amazing to shoot and the Wellspring perk is amazing; doesn't have the reload effect of Demo but being able to charge all abilities is soo nice! If I hear someone go on about this thing not having good rolls, I'll stand my ground atop this hill. 4 Got my first one with Zen Moment and Demolitionist. Good for Rank and File Enemies and good for Sustainable DPS on Bosses for Stability Control. Works well with Sunspots Titan, Thermite Grenades, Saint-14 Grenade Launcher, and the Furnace Chest for Papa Scorch Build. 3 This thing has the best shooting noise in the game. 2 900 rpm LMGs feel so nice to me and this can get some very nice rolls PVP: arrowhead, ricochet, zen moment and TTT/ dynamic sway PVE: Arrowhead, appended, field prep, demo/ dragonfly 1 Love this LMG, best one I gotten is Killing wind and demolitionist roll, which is pretty good. 1 Best Legendary MG available currently imo. Got one with Zen Moment and Dragonfly and it is amazing at just clearing rooms. 1 Definitely one to keep an eye on, will probably be a good edgewise replacement if you can get certain rolls on it 0 Recoil is surprisingly manageable. Mine was rolled for consistency (tap the trigger and killing wind) hoping to get one with wellspring later this week. 0 Not a bad HMG got mine with Quickdraw and snapshot sights 0 I got a roll with Zen Moment and Demo, it's actually not too bad far better than I expected for a rapid fire frame. 0 Very roll dependent for pvp, but a monster in pvp. It has great base reload and stats compared to other 900rpm (looking at you temporal clause) and you can roll it to match the sunset edgewise (with a highlighting scope) or dragonfly fieldprep to replace the curated bane of sorrow (baby thunderlord) 0 Why are people rating this 0 in pvp? Sure, it's not hammerhead, but it is very forgiving can can roll with tap the trigger and quickdraw. In pve, wellspring is incredible, and can also roll with demo and dragonfly in second slot, and field prep and killing wind in first slot. Just an incredible MG all around -9 So thats the only non Sunsett MG beside seraph one. PVE too low dps, pvp exremly unstable. but if u get stability max it is a solig 9/10 power THERMAL EROSION "Europa has relit the fire in my soul; one that even its freezing winds cannot chill." —Clovis Bray Source: Fallen Empire campaign. #destiny #destiny2 #beyondlight ------------ ------------------ OPSEAT - OP Gaming Chair - 10% OFF Perfect for Back Pain and those 24/7 play sessions.....MOM! Bathroom! Bathroom! - Someone for the Love of God understand the reference....

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