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Tomorrow's Answer is a new Rocket Launcher to Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy. Tomorrow's Answer can only be rewarded while playing in the Trials of Osiris. You can earn Tomorrow's Answer by winning 3, 5, 7 matches or by turning in Trials of Osiris tokens after acquiring Tomorrow's Answer once. Despite Tomorrow's Answer being a Trials of Osiris weapon and being built for pvp, Tomorrow's Answer is also really good for PVE too. It's hard to find something unique about Tomorrow's Answer until you look at its stats and compare it to others. Tomorrow's Answer has rediculous aim assist, handling and blast radius. Tomorrow's Answer has some of the best base stats for a Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2. Now for me personally, I like to shoot off a rocket as quickly as I possibly can, and hopefully, that rocket is quick. That's why Tomorrow's Answer is so great. With the amazing handling, Tomorrow's Answer will ADS quickly. When you combine that with the fact that Tomorrow's Answer can roll with both Rangefinder and Snapshot sights at the same time means your rocket is going to do just that. Whip it out, ADS super quickly and fire that rocket at much higher speeds due to Rangefinder. but aside from this, Tomorrow's Answer also rolls with great pve perks too. Tomorrow's Answer can roll with Genesis and Disruption Break. This is an amazing combo, especially for a weapon like a Rocket Launcher. Genesis will cause Tomorrow's Answer to reload when it breaks an enemy shield. Meaning you can spam Tomorrow's Answer with no need to reload if you're facing enemies with void shields. On top of that, Disruption Break will debuff any enemy caught within the shield explosion. The Disruption Break buff to Kinetic damage. Disruption Break has one of the largest debuffs in Destiny 2. Simply shoot Tomorrow's Answer at an enemy with a shield, swap to your primary and finish them off.

Tomorrow's Answer
Could you please repeat the question?
Source: Earned by completing challenges in the Trials of Osiris.

Tomorrow's Answer
Could you please repeat the question?

Yara slammed a rocket into her launcher. "These crates really skimp on quantity."

"Sadhij is down." Trestin turned to Yara. "This one's alone."

The words had barely escaped her when a Warlock brimming with Void Light Nova Warped past them. Yara turned and launched a rocket over Trestin's head. The opposing Warlock concentrated her aura of Void energy into her hand and unleashed a supernova blast. The two projectiles collided; void and flame ripped through each other and burst outward, sending all three fighters in different directions.

Yara groaned as her vision began to clear. Her head sang a familiar tune of disoriented pounding and Auto Rifle fire. Fresh blood ran from rigid shrapnel protruding from her leg. "Trestin… check in."

No answer. Yara reached blindly through dust and particulate to recover her weapon, but found only scattered bits of stone and debris. Static streaked through her visor, throwing heat signatures directly in front of her through the swirling dust. She knocked the side of her visor to clear the interference. A violet shockwave pushed away the dust. Trestin knelt a few paces away, beaten. The Warlock bent her glowing hand into Trestin's chest plate, lodging a vortex grenade into her armor. Yara met her eyes and saw the Void overtake her. She did not hear the scream, or the splitting armor. She only saw flickers of Trestin break apart and scatter as the vortex ate away at her.

Yara shook the shock-hold on her mind and pulled her Sidearm. She snap-fired a round into the Warlock's shoulder. The Warlock recoiled from the force and whipped an open palm of malformed Void at Yara, releasing unstable energy that shattered the pistol's frame into ragged scraps. "No more of that."

"That was cruel. She didn't deserve…"

"None of us 'deserve.' It's about what you can get." The Warlock smiled and raised a hand of gnarled Void. "Brace yourself."

Would've much preferred a grenade launcher with sticky nades bungo.
Giving us the ornament for mos epoch would have been a much better idea than adding yet another typical rocket launcher. Clown cartridge is cool and all but I can't help but feel like the whole class needs a full rework. Rocket launchers are pathetic and have been for too long. I can't wait for them to add Gjallarhorn next season only for it to have less dps than rahool's mystery box grenade launcher.

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